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SLOWDOWN SUNDAY - 19/06/2022



Mollie Rainwater - Tokens Of Gratitude

Augusta, United States

Acoustic piano paves the way for a track that leans more towards pop. This is a piece that reminds me of #OliviaRodrigo #Driver'sLicence. In fact, the whole project is of the same feel. If you love that track then you will absolutely love this whole album. #MollieRainwater is an artist who has an undeniable skill and likeability - perfect for the music industry. I'd love to see her rise and fly in the industry. Her music may be understated but the way her music makes you feel is anything but! An amazing songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist - I'm truly rooting for #MollieRainwater.



Dario Acosta Teich - Fiesta Manka

Tucumán, Argentina

#FiestaManka immediately shines, giving the listener a mix of jazz brass compositions along with Latin-inspired strums. There is a lot going on in this piece that resembles what I envisioned to be busy streets full of live music under the sun in Latin America. The vocals offer an accompaniment to the sound of the instruments in this track, that make you surrender to the sound of every note. As the track breaks down we hear intricate jazz-inspired piano solos and Latin acoustic guitar solos that blow the minds off the listener.



Sükko - Golden Suits – Acoustic

Norwich, United Kingdom

What can I say about this piece! I don't know where to start. The opening captivated me instantly. #GoldenSuitsAcoustic is one of those pieces of art that absolutely draws every hair on your arms to awaken. The acoustic piano opens the track to set the scene. The imagery of solitude, loneliness, and nature came to mind when hearing the piano progression. Once the vocals join into the mix we hear the language of a soul that had a lot to express. The vocals had me hanging on every single word. As the track builds we hear pure and raw emotion overtake the whole piece and wow I was blown away. If I had to compare the power of these vocals I would compare them to the power of Dermot Kennedy.



Macklyn - Okay

Roanoke, United States

If you're looking for a multitude of influences then this is the track for you! In this smooth old-school R&B track with a neo-soul vibe, you get some funky drum loops, old-school R&B synths, and smooth vocal harmonies then damn, hit the button below to get this one added to your playlist. This track reminds me of some of #TreySongz 00s tracks. Vibes aside, the lyrics of the song address mental health during Mental Health Awareness Month as an ode to healing to remind people to take their time to heal and grow. LOVE THIS ONE!



Nigel Hinds - Ghostin

Birmingham, UK

Well, what can I say about this one! Hands down one of my favorite tracks out of Birmingham at the moment. Full old-school soul meets R&B in this one from #NigelHinds. Jonathan has already ranked this one at Number 4 in this week's Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B and I defo recommend this if you're a lover of old-school music and would suggest you click the link above and add it to your Chill playlists!



Antonella Vizzini

Toronto, Canada

#L'Appuntamento has such a beautiful tone. The artist includes harmonies from both herself and a male vocalist in certain parts of the piece. This piece has an extremely romantic feel about it. For those of you who are not familiar with Italian music, this song samples the same guitar pieces as #somethingstupid by #RobbieWilliams and #NicoleKidman. I really enjoyed this adaptation by #AntonellaVizzini of #L'Appuntamento.



Giada Valenti

Las Vegas, United States

#EveryTime by #GiadaValenti is the ultimate unplugged piece that will start your morning right. The track is packed with luscious male and female harmonies that compliment each other in a way that is heartwarming and velvety on the ears of the listener. One thing that I love about this piece is that it isn't a massive production. In this piece, you can find the work of Paul Umbach, who has worked with artists like #BritneySpears, #NSYNC, and the #BackstreetBoys as well as Dutch composer #RobertFisher, and lyricist #BruceSmith. In this collaboration that is packed with talent, the listener is swept along in the waves of gorgeous acoustic guitar solos and progressions. When combined with the harmonies it creates a production that is powerful without being overbearing or complicated in a swirl of pop meets country. I loved this one.



The Birdland Project - You've Got a Friend

Aspen, United States

#TheBirdlandProject presents a gorgeous rendition of the classic 'You've Got a Friend. #TheBirdlandProject presents something soulful in their version that steers away from the #CaroleKing original but only slightly. This acoustic version offers a piece of raw piano as a basis but doesn't bring anything spectacular in terms of originality. Although originality is lacking here it does not mean that it lacks skill! The skill of this artist is absolutely on point - the vocals are incredible and so is the skillful piano playing. This is a piece that you must listen to! I'm looking forward to hearing more from this artist to find out exactly what her original creativity sounds like. Make sure you click play above.



Spencer Elliott - Torque

West Virginia, United States

#Torque kicks off with the gorgeous delayed tone of acoustic guitar before offering funky guitar layers. This is a great piece to open the project. It reminds me of #EdSheeran when he does the live version of #Bloodstream with his loop pedal. The drums in this piece don't overcrowd the mix allowing for the guitar elements to shine for all they are.



Anindya Mukherjee – You

Kolkata, India

#You is a gorgeous production that holds beauty in its keys. Acoustic piano leads the way for vocals that tell the tale of love. As the piece enters its second verse we hear the introduction of strings that add to the dream-like story being told here. This is a confessional track, and I can't help but envision the artists' intentions behind the piece. The lyrics are beautifully crafted to let the listener know that he has found someone that he definitely doesn't want to be without. I can imagine this track would make a great addition to a Disney film. Lovely work from #AnindyaMukherjee



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