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Snakedoctors' 'Why Don't': A Reinvigorating Dive into Grungy Indie Rock

Snakedoctors are back with their heavy brand of grungy indie rock presenting a new single, ‘Why Don’t.’ With deep-rooted bass tones and magical guitar tones, it’s a truly fantastic single to dive headfirst into. The drums catch your attention first. They stick at the back wall, smashing beats into the floor and sending rhythm up your spine. The bass line follows, crawling its way through the field of tone, finding some funk in the darkness. The song really takes off once the vocals come into play. They slash at the lows and fetch some highs for our pleasure. Guitars rally behind them and the chorus is in sight. The tone dips, finds a low note, and pushes off at great speed. The acceleration is terrific.

‘Why Don’t’ is an indie grunge showcase. It takes all of the flavours of the old and spins them with reckless abandon until they form something new. Snakedoctors have done us all a great service in creating such a varied and beautiful soundscape. Now all you have to do is take it all in. It’s heavy, profound and houses some truly honest lyrics. Snakedoctors at their very best. If you’re a grunge head like me then you can’t afford to miss it.



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