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Sophie Breton's "Nota Bene": A Musical Mantra for Mindful Living

Cover Art for "Nota Bene": The cover art of Sophie Breton's "Nota Bene"
Cover Art for "Nota Bene": The cover art of Sophie Breton's "Nota Bene"

Embark on a soulful journey with Sophie Breton's "Nota Bene," a serene pop-folk single that beckons you to embrace the present.

Sophie Breton, hailing from the culturally rich landscapes of Quebec City, invites you on a serene musical expedition with her latest single, "Nota Bene," released on January 12, 2024. Known for her self-conscious, sensitive, and thoughtful approach to music, Sophie has crafted a song that serves as a gentle reminder to stay anchored in the present moment.

"Nota Bene" resonates with a blend of chill pop and folk vibes, perfect for a cozy retreat into the comfort of one's thoughts. With its coffee-shop, cozy ambiance, the track is a heartening companion for those moments when the past or future weigh heavily on the mind. Sophie's lyrics, "the windshield is always bigger than the rear-view mirror," serve as a poignant metaphor, urging listeners to focus on the path ahead rather than what lies behind.

The official music video, written and directed by Sophie herself, adds a layer of intimacy and personal reflection to the song. The long, fixed shot encourages viewers to observe and derive their own meanings, complementing the emotional depth of the lyrics. As Sophie's voice gently weaves through the melody, listeners are invited to close their eyes and pave their way to brighter days, reassured by the message that everything is indeed going to be okay.

"Nota Bene" sets the tone for Sophie's upcoming album in 2024, promising a collection of songs that resonate with her indie/pop chill vibe. Since her debut EP "Not Today" in August 2022, Sophie has touched hearts across more than 60 countries, proving that her music is a universal solace.

With "Nota Bene," Sophie Breton continues to paint her inclusive musical universe, ensuring that none feel alone in this ever-changing world. As the first song of her forthcoming album, it marks not just a new chapter for Sophie but an invitation for all to live fully, one mindful note at a time.

Genre: Chill Pop, Folk

Mood: Relaxing, Reflective, Comforting, Nostalgic

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