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Spencer Elliott's latest album takes acoustic guitar to the next level



Spencer Elliott


Credit - Spencer Elliott





#Torque kicks the album off with the gorgeous delayed tone of acoustic guitar before offering funky guitar layers. This is a great piece to open the project. It reminds me of #EdSheeran when he does the live version of #Bloodstream with his loop pedal. The drums in this piece don't overcrowd the mix allowing for the guitar elements to shine for all they are.

#SilverMaple is the perfect track to follow on from the opener. Offering the same instruments we hear the intricate guitar riffs and the drums take us on a journey through a forest of thought. One thing that I noticed about this track is the variety of guitar compositions offered. They integrate folk with rock to create something unique. The bass tones lift the track without overpowering the feel of the lead layers of acoustic guitar.

#TheTournament gives us delayed guitar picks in its introduction before progressing into something more built up. Packed with plucks, strums and other alternative ways of playing acoustic guitar, we get to hear all of the talent that takes ahold of the strings. These guitarists are extremely skilful. I think that this piece is highly emotive and skilful.

#Joystick has a different feel in its opening - bringing in percussion into the arrangement earlier than the earlier tracks on this project. It has a heavier feel where the drums sit in the mix but still has a good level of guitar also. I like that there are several breakdowns within the mix to give its unique structure.

#RainShadow has a darker feel when compared to the other tracks on the album. It sounds like an acoustic version of something that is routed in heavy metal. Something along the lines of the #tearsdontfallacoustic by #bulletformyvalentine. The way that the music weaves the bass riffs with the rest of the guitar elements help to bring out a sound that imitates the pathetic fallacy of rain and the metaphor of shadows.

#Elipsos offers a sad guitar feel in the main body of the opening. As the track progresses there are funky strums and bass lines that really lift the mood of the piece. The contrasting layers work really well to create a tone that sits nicely in the ears of the listener. The little guitar slides add a sound that stands out and is memorable to the piece.

#4:20 opens with something happy before transitioning into funk. I love how the bassline carries the piece. The bassline reminds me of the skill found in the art of #TheRedHotChiliPeppers with a hint of #EdSheeran in the main body of acoustic guitar in this funk meets folk piece.

#Insignificant opens with an atmospheric feel before lifting into a folk tale. The music transitions between soft and slow to heavy and fast to create something of a story here. I love the way that it builds up to drop in a rollercoaster of expression. I like the electric guitar addition to the track, it brings a new sound to the album.

#TheWolfandTheHawk is different. It has many gaps between each strum of the acoustic guitar as it builds up. There are also several longer gaps between strums to offer anticipation for the next part of the track. The next part of the track offers a sped up and intricate guitar plucks along with the subtleness of bass. This track seems to speed up as time goes on to create something that intrigues the listener into the anticipation of what is to come next.

#TheWolfandTheHawk closes the album with something rooted in folk with almost a Celtic feel. As the track moves along we hear those heavy metal acoustics that really add to their sound. I think that this was the perfect piece to sum up an album that is full of skill.

Make sure that you have a listen to this album!



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