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ST. BURYAN's 'Illogical': A Perfect Blend of Modern Pop and Indie Charm

ST. BURYAN have pushed a heavyweight track out of the gates of their mind palace. ‘Illogical’ is heading towards modern pop but it’s pulling everything indie along with it. The frayed guitars that sound as if they are about to combust, the round bass that has a life all its own. Drums that spark if you hit them hard enough and vocals with enough attitude to make anything cool and musical. It’s a blast, a powerful hitter. Think Styles meets The 1975 and they all do their best to keep up with an idea that’s so good it writes itself. Did you get that? If so — you’re pretty close to the magic of ‘Illogical.’

ST. BURYAN know their sound and they do it so well. Every instrument feels the rhythm, it doesn’t just play it. There is music in the bones of everyone who was involved in this track and their individuality comes through like flavour notes in fine stock.

‘Illogical’ bursts with colour and flavour and never apologises. It never has to.


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