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Calgary, Canada

Credit - Steve Pointmeier

Steve Pointmeier is a country powerhouse. Those vocals, those harmonies, plentiful and splendid. His single, ‘Incendiary,’ takes after its name. It's a light, a spark, a fwoosh of emotion in the darkest of times. Its warmth radiates from the heart of the track and hits you right in the soul the way only fantastic country can. And I really mean, fantastic. The guitars twang, the percussion slides and barks fizzling out the harshness. The instrumental isn’t afraid to get heavy; in the chorus the guitars thicken up and bring the rock to the country. The vocals anchor the single. Deep and rich, high and bright, they cascade over the walls of sound like flames in the night.

Good country moves you. Whether you like it or not you can’t fight it. It's the wooden tones, the caramel textures and the blissful melodies. ‘Incendiary’ is one of those country songs, and if you’re a country lover, you’re gonna wanna take Steve Pointmeier’s number.



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