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Stronger’ by The Pulltops: An Uplifting Indie Rock Anthem Empowering the Everyday Heroes

The latest single from The Pulltops, ‘Stronger,’ is a wonderfully melodic indie rock track that pushes its rhythm out into the world with passion and confidence. It starts out slow. There’s some bass in the back and some style in the mids. The drums pick up the pace and soon the song is flying on its own. The melody begins in the vocals and bleeds outwards. Its pace and vigour envelop the instrumental. The sounds become one, the light gets ever brighter. Once the stage is set, we drop into the chorus and leave the safety of the known world behind. What greets us is a colourful and hopeful world scored by the passions of contemporary indie.

‘Stronger’ takes the modern approach to rock, adds in some pop spice and has the single shine with some 80s influence too. This blending of worlds and ideas is integral to the feeling of The Pulltops sound. It begins with simple melodies but it becomes so much more. This single flies through its lyrics — they are hopeful and dream-heavy. They sit right beside the heart and keep it company through the many hardships we all face. ‘Stronger’ is a song for the people who live each day as it comes. It’s a song to give them power, to give them the energy they need to go on and face the day head-on. It’s a simple thing, but it is so important. ‘Stronger’ takes catchy melodies and gives them back to the people who need them most.



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