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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 05/06/2022



Rob Johnson Music - you will wonder

London, United Kingdom

Rob Johnson Music is a guitarist and musician from Salisbury, UK. His new single 'you will wonder' is taken from the forthcoming album 'hi' - which has been released Blossöm Records TODAY! 'you will wonder' got my full attention from the first second! It's an amazing piece of art that has all sorts of stories to be told in its manuscript. We hear several electronic synths throughout the track which enhance the wonderous nature of the piece but at the forefront of all is the beautiful acoustics given by the artist in the use of his acoustic guitar. This piece has a feel of Ed Sheeran's 'Bloodstream' about it but with the unique genius and reflective nature that this artist himself has to his artistry. I had to put this in at Number 1 this week in our Top 10 Acoustic, Indie-Rock & Guitar Riffs and this week's Sunday Slowdown along with adding it to the Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify playlist.



BURLINGTON - Daylight Sipping

London, United Kingdom

Burlington is a singer/songwriter and producer who explores the sounds that aim to get you smiling through his Sunday cruising, "chill-in-the-park" artistic style. Burlington's latest album titled 'Daylight Sipping' is an 11-track project that brings the most beautiful productions and mixing techniques to the ears of the listener. Opening with 'Mind For Mind', we hear something very I can only liken to Coldplay and Harry Styles. 'Mind For Mind' is a gorgeously put-together piece full of dream-pop arrangements and soulful vocals.



Prints of Monaco - What You Left There

Brooklyn, United States

Prints of Monaco brings something acoustic in his latest release. 'What You Left There' opens with a beautiful mix of guitar plucks and strums to create something extremely personal in feel. I love the way that you can hear the naturalness of the artists' fingers as they hit the strings. It brings something raw to the piece. As the vocals introduce themselves they're layered like whispers that kiss your ears. The lyrics are reflective and offer something to think about. I love this piece. Click the link below to hear something gorgeous.



Alexander Joseph - Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)

Ashby, United Kingdom

Alexander Joseph is back with his latest track - An Acoustic Version of 'Summertime Compass'. Originally being one of the first songs that he wrote during his university days over 15 years ago, this version maintains the relaxed and playful vibe of the original but brings an acoustic twist to the mix. The song delivers an optimistic message about the possibilities that lie ahead. This piece contains the classic Alexander Joseph vibe where he showcases his smooth vocals and impeccable guitar skills. Click the link below to hear it!



Sunflower Summit - 'In This Moment'

Chicago, United States

Completely produced by an all-female team, 'In This Moment' is a collection of songs that will tug on your emotional heartstrings. As a female artist myself I was over the moon when hearing that the production team is completely female, especially in such a male-dominated industry. Varying in genre from alternative to indie, to cinematic pop, one thing rings consistent - each song explores a different area of emotions and mental health and will be there to hold space for your emotions.



Akso Heart - Not Easy

London, United Kingdom

'Not Easy', the latest release from Akso Heart is a sonically and soulfully moving piece of RnB/Pop. Opening with soulful yet distant and disturbing vocal chops I knew this track was going to be great. As the main body of vocals comes in we hear Akso Heart bring in confessional lyrics that speak of the ways that his anxiety demons control him. You can really tell that this piece of music is something that this artist truly means and has experienced firsthand. The vocals are complemented by the darkness that the instrumentation brings. It's not immediately obvious but the subtleness of the arrangement offers something that is key to RnB but also to darkness.



Jadamarie - Love??

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Jadamarie

Love?? is one of those magical pieces that lure you into a dream state. The track opens with choppy piano, dreamy synths, and a catchy drum loop. As Jadamarie begins to sing we're taken on a trip around a dreamy universe that is packed with feelings, soul, and depth. If I was to compare this artist to another artist I don't really think there are any. The whole feel of the piece is mindful, ambient, and pure magic. Several futuristic samples make their way into the track in key places to add to the temporal nature of the piece. Jadamarie is certainly an artist for visionaries and dreamers alike.



Sdar Lotus - Transcendental

Fort Lauderdale, United States

'Transcendental' is a melodic creation based on combing two beautiful Heart Chakra Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls to create a mind and chakra balancing shimmer that not only vibrates at the frequency of love, DNA, and Cellular repair (528hz), but also at the frequency of the universe, or 'heartbeat of the earth' (432hz). Layered with vocal toning, rainstick, and deep vibrating bass, (you're going to want to listen to this on a good speaker) it will take you on a journey within. Melodic channeled lyrics, this song was not written but flowed in one fluid take, raw, and organic.



Cassandra Raffaele - Camera Oslo

Cesena, Italy

Cassandra Raffaele opens her latest 10-song album with the track, 'Camera Oslo (Waiting for Ennio). This track offers a happy tone through the use of piano chords in major, strings, and whistle tones. It reminded me of a piece from the original Disney version of Snow White but with a modern twist. 'Giovanna' completely switches the tone of the album offering the listener a taste of the Meddeteranian. I LOVE this piece. It's happy in tone, fun, and easy to listen to. 'La mia anarchia ama te' offers another switch of the genre - This time into a strong, sensual and seductive piece that oozes with sexiness. In this piece, we hear a more soulful tone of this artist and I LOVE it.



Maya Roxo - Fearless Emotions

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Maya Roxo is a cinematic pop artist based in the UK. Her music offers catchy hooks and powerful vocals with dramatic cinematic elements. On the 27th of May, Maya Roxo released her debut EP entitled 'Fearless Emotions', and we were lucky enough to review it! It provides an intoxicating mix through punchy synths and bass, with dynamic, heartfelt, and dramatic vocals, all while ending on a surprisingly soft and heart-warming outro.



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