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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 12/06/2022



P.Jack - Amazing

St Louis, USA

This week our writer 'Nasti' (Jonathan) rated P Jack's ' single 'Amazing' at Number 2 this week. After having a listen to the track myself I completely understood why! This is a track that mixes the upbeat of pop with the roots of Rap to provide the ultimate vibe that fits in pretty much anywhere in popular music. The vibe is wavey, it takes you away to somewhere sunny, so sit down, have a drink relax and enjoy this track this Sunday!



Jeyaia - No Love

Sydney, Australia

Coming in at Number 2 is another of Nasti's additions this week - coming in at Number 3 in this week's Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B. Jeyaia has a real talent for merging velvet and soulful harmonies to her music. This is a real smooth R&B track that will take you away from that Monday doom that is impending! Click the link above to get familiar with this Goddess! I promise it's worth it. Ironically there's no room for 'No Love' here - we love it!



Lauren Walton - Hardwired

London, United Kingdom

Lauren Walton is a 22-year-old artist from London UK. Her debut single 'Hardwired' touches on themes of growth and adversity - Highlighting her path so far. After reviewing it at Number 1 this week in our Dance & Pop Top 10 I had to include it here too! Walton has a dark tone to her music through her impeccable vocal execution both lyrically and in tone. This is a piece that should be making massive waves and I'm sure that it will! 'Hardwired is an incredibly impressive debut single that addresses dark times whilst remaining commercially viable - this piece had to come in at Number 3 this week and made it into Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Playlist.



Aaron Brown - Mr Jones

Elmsford, United States

Aaron Brown blew us away this week with his latest collaborative track entitled 'Mr Jones'. Opening with a slap bass guitar riff and jazz brass instrumentation we HAD to put this in at Number 1 in this week's Sunday Slowdown. This piece of music may be absent of words but it definitely makes up for it with a few minutes that are full of flavor. 'Mr Jones' is a real wind-down track that is packed with soul through its use of Funk, Soul, and Jazz inspirations. Click that link above for a taste! You know you want to.



Alice June - City Vibes

Milano, Italy

'City Vibes' by Alice June comes in second this week! This song is home to a gorgeous tone. The instrumentation has a really warm feel to it and offers a country twang as do the vocals. The way that this song holds emotion is very special and tells a story that is incredibly moving through a tale of soul connections. The vocal layers show the versatility of the artists' range and merge beautifully together to offer something that sounds extraordinary and moving. I will definitely be keeping up to date with future releases from Alice June. Make sure that you check it out!



Frances Hope - Beautiful Mind

Victoria, Canada

Opening with a haunting acoustic piano composition, Frances Hope grabbed my attention from the start of this track. 'Lifeline' is a peace that showcases the artistic abilities of a true vocalist. The vocals are nothing less than stunning here. I think that Frances Hope is a character to keep your eyes and ears firmly on. I haven't heard a vocal tone like the one that is found here ever. It's highly emotive and mesmorising. Definitely a track for a reflective session. A true story teller and a sorceress of vocal ability. Click the link below to hear the magic for yourself!



Daulton Hopkins - Mona Lisa

Phoenix, United States

'Mona Lisa' is a STUNNING TRACK! Daulton Hopkins and Victoria Bigelow have created something more beautiful than Mona Lisa herself. The simple yet emotional instrumentation weaves itself with the vocals to create something reverbed and full. The variety of vocal types in this track works well together to tell the story of Mona Lisa whoever she may be in this piece of art. There are so many intricacies in this track that effortlessly combine to make it something simple yet packed with skill. Beautiful vocals, gorgeous words, and a gallery-worthy performance here! Click the link above to explore this beauty.



Del Scott Miller - Repeat Myself

Barnsley, United Kingdom

Del Scott Miller is an alt. folk songwriter, guitarist, composer, and poet from South Yorkshire. ‘Repeat Myself’ is the first of an ongoing series of single releases planned between now and 2023. When I first heard ‘Repeat Myself’ I was in awe of the guitar skills/sound and the way that the artist knows how to tell a story that keeps the listeners interested. The clarity and tone of the guitar particularly stand out in the piece. I think that Del Scott Miller has created a unique sound and knows exactly who is he and what he is trying to portray through this piece. Definitely, one to watch!



Killsy - Sweet Dru

Miami, United States

Killsy sent us their track to listen to this week. 'Sweet Dru' is a piece that truly turns pain into art. The opening piano melody is emotional and when accompanied by the lyrics the listener can genuinely feel them. The following line really stood out to me- "I'm sick of being tricked into these lives we're meant to live and the pain that comes with it". If dark pop is something that resonates with you then you will have no problem relating to this song. Themes of childhood innocence, anti-acceptance, and healing are all present in this extremely moving piece.



Denni Ian

Aarhus, Denmark

Two Figures by Denni Ian gets off to a wicked start. The fas tempo of the guitar strums reflects in a unique way against the slow and steady drums, something that I haven't heard often. The vocals are Bass-baritone giving off a similar feel to the vocal tone of George Ezra. One thing that I could say about this track is that if the vocals were slightly more lifted in the piece it would be easier to grasp. The female vocals offer a similar tone to Dido which gives off a really haunting yet effective addition to the song.



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