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Julian Petrin - Moonrays

Hamburg, Germany

Julian Petrin's release titled 'Moonrays' is cinematic, spacious, cultured and beautiful. Opening with the sounds of the Middle-East combined with eighties dream synths you can't help but be moved by the work that has gone into this production. This is one for your reflective periods for sure. As the track develops we hear the subtle transition into native america through the use of windpipes. I love how so many cultural influences and genres are embedded in this piece. The ambiance found in this production had me relaxed and reflective. Number 1 this week!



DM Ascension - AFFINITY

Canberra, Australia

Affinity takes its inspiration from the enchanting luminescence of the starry night sky. This dreamy lounge track invites the listener to explore the ether - with a chilled grove and features ARIA award winning jazz legend Miroslav Bukovsky on trumpet. Artists who had an influence on this track include Christophe Goze, Lemongrass and Aandra. can envision that this track would fit perfectly on playlists for night time beach walks, outdoor shisha lounges, lazy days and mindfulness sessions such as massage rooms and meditations. I would suggest that the artist applies for sync licensing to get this track out to as many places as possible. It would do well in digital media use such as TV advertisements, beach/date scenes in movies/Television. It was an absolute pleasure to review



Maury 111 - Desert Temple

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Lilli Nass

Maury111 is a character of neo-pop songs and bionic sounds. Born in Paris and now based in Berlin the former soloist of the children’s choir of the Opéra de Paris presents his latest project titled 'Desert Temple'. Defining Maury111’s music as predominantly pop, the sound is a mix of bionic, futuristic sounds and introspective moods. Fascinated by desert landscapes since a journey in Joshua Tree, CA, this artist had traveled to Morocco in January 2020 where he stayed with a Berber family on the edge of the Sahara. Inspired by having gone on long solitary walks in the desert this artist has something reflective to present. This is an album that would sit nicely in the ears of fans of Björk, Thom York, Fever Ray.



Christian DeLord - Ritorno all'Uno (Orchestral)

Bologna, Italy

Credit - Francesca Pradella

Christian DeLord has released his Orchestral version 'Ritorno all'Uno'. This piece instantly made me think of 'Lovely' by Billie Eilish and Khalid. In fact, I actually had to do my research to make sure it wasn't the same sample. This production opens with choppy acoustic piano and bass notes before introducing the strings to the mix. The intention behind this production is to go back to the begining of time and creation. This is an absolutely stunning production. Each instrument in the production holds their own place in the mix perfectly. Make sure that you remember to click the link below to hear it!



Cedar Rose Johnson - My Open Heart

Hertford, United Kingdom

Credit - Low Budget No Budget

Cedar Rose Johnson sent us her release entitled 'My Open Heart' this week. This track opens with a beautiful feel through the use of slow acoustic piano and raw and sweet vocals. The string arrangement offers both relaxation and staccato elements through their arrangements to give this song the most upmost emotive journey. Reminiscing on memories with people we love and the feeling of being safe the lyrics address the feeling that, in that moment, nothing else matters except the two of you. The feeling that you could live forever...that you wish that moment would last forever. Inspired by loss and grief as well as love, this song has a lot to say.



Jodi Heights - The Storm

Boston, United States

Credit - David Cahill

This artist is no stranger to us over at TJPL NEWS. Having made our Top 10 Acoustic this week we felt she deserved a spot over here too! Heights releases another piano-driven single titled 'The Storm'. This track was written during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, but relates to any crisis that affects broad groups of people. Opening with a beautiful acoustic piano arrangement that is intricately played alongside strings we find ourselves lifted through this emotive production. As the vocals join the mix I was blown away by the intimacy of the performance.. This is a highly emotive acoustic piece that will melt even the most solid of hearts. Asking “when the storm is past, what will we have left?” we get a glimpse of what is to come from 'The Storm'. This is the second single from Heights' new 3-track EP, "Triptych".



The Kaz Experiment

When The Sun Goes Down

Melbourne, Australia

The Kaz Experiment was born in the early days of January 2022, as an experimental musical project of artist and singer/songwriter, Karen Harding. Both The Kaz Experiment and Karen Harding are no stranger to TJPL NEWS and have made several of our Top 10s in the past. When The Sun Goes Down’ is a deeply relaxing and reflective instrumental track based around a soundscape. The track brings us into the world of a light piano melody and the entrancing ambient sound of strings. This track is beautifully put together and would make a great addition to your journey as you contemplate the universe at sundown. Great work!



Yorige - Motina

London, United Kingdom

'Motina' is the first release from the new duo called Yorige. This is an EP containing six Lithuanian folk songs interpreted for a modern audience. The duo consists of singer Aaron Fross and instrumentalist and producer Niels Bakx. This project is their attempt to make folk music more enjoyable and accessible to the average listener. Both of the band members have their own solo careers and have had some collaborations before, although this project is primarily for folk interpretations. In a statement we were told the meaning behind the EP's title - " The Song is my mother, the folk songs I grew up with, this is why this EP is called Motina (eng. Mother)"Spiritually hypnotic, meditative, perfectly executed. There's no critique from me whatsoever. This whole project is highly meditative, the frequencies used and the vocal execution is absolutely stunning. I will definitely be awaiting more from Yorige.



Gionatan Scali - Casual Stream

London, United Kingdom

Gionatan Scali is a musician who is originally from Turin and now residing in East London, UK. This artist who is also a writer and activist sounds mystical and Soft-core through the reliance on the hazy balance of overlapping layers. This week we were sent his current project entitled 'Casual Stream' and thought it was a perfect match for our Sunday Slowdown this week. We chose the track 'Ride On' from 'Casual Stream' for this article. Its slow guitar strums and mellow drum beat offer us something to rock out in through its soft feel and also dreamy synths and hints of brass instrumentation to give us those Sunday vibes we all need. Not to forget the guitar riff. YES! Click the link below to hear it!



Carpe Diem - Dream Big, Little Girl

Hong Kong, China

Carpe Diem is a two-piece band with a guitar (Keith) and vocal (Ada). Both acts work on the music arrangement together." Carpe Diem" is a Latin expression meaning "seize the day". Their latest track titled 'Dream Big, Little Girl' relates to the dreams that we have as children and their ability to make their ideas and fantasies come to life through imagination. Something that we tend to lose as we grow older. The duo make it clear that dreaming isn’t just a kid thing. Their philosophy for the track is based on their belief that a few things define a human being like its ability to dream, to go beyond its reality in order to fix its aspirations and longings. "To dream is to touch the moon while keeping your feet on the ground. And you…have you stopped dreaming? Don’t lose that inner child that allows you to always see the bright side, the sunshine, and the smiles on people’s faces." The group invited a little girl, Roselle, to sing the harmonies with them.



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