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SUNDAY SLOWDOWN - 22/05/2022



Benjamin Corson - Mirage

New York, United States

This Seven track album from Benjamin Corson is a journey through all subtypes of rock. With appearances from classic rock, soul rock, 80/90s rock and beyond we were absolutely blown away by the fusion found in the album entitled 'Mirage'. So, let's get into it then. Opening with 'Cracking The Code' we're instantly given slick and funky guitar strums, solos and a rolling drum progression. I was hooked within the first ten seconds, something artists should always aim to do in order to keep their audience interested. As the track develops we hear a second drum arrangement along with a subtle but effective bass riff that works behind the guitar solos. This is one talented piece of work.



Elizabeth Tsung- Illusions

NYC, United States

Elizabeth Tsung sent us her latest five-track project this week entitled 'Illusions'. I was immediately captured by the artwork and the name of the project so I decided to review it. Opening quite literally with 'Opening' we're given an introduction to the project that is just under one minute and a half long. Opening with a hypnotic charm that is accompanied by the distant sound of rain I was amazed from the opening second of this piece. The track brings in classical strings to tell a story in the most cinematic way. I'm not sure what the story is but that's the beauty of art! Left to our own illusions we're kept wandering.



Wild Fire - When It Wasn't

Houston, Texas, United States

Wild Fire set us ON fire with their latest track 'When It Wasn't'. This is a track that addresses the illusion of falling in love. "Sometimes we think we are in love, but later discover the connection was never really genuine." Wild Fire's sound continues to evolve in this latest release, encompassing elements of country, pop & rock that fuse into a distinctive style. This track is one that can fit in pretty much anywhere in any woman's mind. We love it! Make sure that you check it out using the link below, we also added it to our main TJPL NEWS playlist AND Tamara Jenna's Top Picks!



Fang Su - Temple of the Dead

Bowling Green, United States

Fang Su opens 'Temple of the Dead' with an interesting combination of cultural and musical influences. Mixing vast amounts of instruments throughout the production it was hard to pinpoint all of them! This track contains no lyrics but speaks volumes. This is a well-arranged and well-mixed piece of work where each instrument adds something unique to the sound and feel of the piece. We loved it over at TJPL NEWS so had to include it in our Sunday Slowdown Picks this week. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



Meredith Louise - No More Hiding

Melbourne, Australia

Meredith sent us her track entitled, 'No More Hiding' this week. This is a track that doesn't hold back in showcasing the expressive vulnerability of her songwriting. A deep groove, rich double bass line, and Meredith's strong and soulful vocals get tell her personal story of finally allowing herself to emerge from the shadows whilst harnessing the sound of 90s neo-soul. This track is one that you find yourself getting entirely lost in. Perfect for your Sunday relaxation or something to dance along to with your feather duster - whatever it is you do on a Sunday this is one for you!



Sofia Dragt - ISA

Utrecht, Netherlands

Credit - Melissa Scharroo

Sofia Dragt opens this seven track album with a song named 'Isa's Tuning' As the introductory piece of the album it offers just under two minutes but that doesn't mean that it lacks any depth. No. This piece is a beautiful sprinkle of wonder that is portrayed by layers of acoustic piano that hits your eardrums like the sound of the birds singing in the morning. As the track develops we hear a soft and distant echo of vocals, just enough to prepare you for the next track. 'Temporary Gold' is a gorgeous production. Keeping to the piano feel we hear more of a stripped back pop song that takes the form of a ballad. Sophia's angelic vocals are accompanied by sweeping backing layers that take you through the space of the track.



Chucky Trading Co - Shadows

Manhattan, United States

Shadows is a classic folk-rock track. Opening with layered guitars from folk strums to melodic solos, 'Shadows' holds the key to our attention in its full and effective use of the space within the track. A brief introduction of the drums hints at the development that is about to begin. As the vocals sing their story, we hear of a homeless musician with nothing to eat but who has an Old Gibson and notebooks of songs. The song highlights the notion of shadows, journeys, new beginnings, and old ventures.




Santiago, Chile

'City' is a six-track project by Temple Solar. Opening the project with the dark and heavy guitar is a track named 'Silent Dance'. This is a track that sets great energy for the remaining parts of this project. Packed with guitar solos that will blow your mind, this band is guaranteed to awaken the darker parts of your soul. Track 2 entitled 'CityScape' offers something a little lighter through its opening. A dreamy almost dream-pop vibe takes us through the gaps in the project in between the dark indie-rock vocals. I like the way that this band addresses the darker sides to life through their music whilst remaining quite upbeat at times.



Copperstone - My Old Friend

Pittsburgh, United States

Copperstone sent us their track entitled 'My Old Friend' this week. Written and dedicated to a loss incurred by their band's guitarist, 'My Old Friend' blends Acoustic & Folk with an Alternative Country style to embark the listener on a nostalgic journey of love & loss. This is a beautiful folk-inspired acoustic piece, full of intricate guitar plucks we find ourselves dreaming along to the story that is being told in the lyrics. A reflective piece, full of beautiful guitar solos and riffs. As the track develops we hear the introduction of electric guitar and a piano solo to fade out with, This is a perfectly produced piece.



Stacey Jackson - Flipside - Acoustic

London, United Kingdom

Stacey Jackson’s latest single FLIPSIDE has been reimagined into a breathtaking new acoustic version. Blending new meaning into the 80s nostalgia-hitting single with empowering lyrics about taking risks and being true to yourself. This track opens with the moving melodies of an acoustic piano. You can hear the meaning behind the lyrics in this stripped-back piece. I love the message behind the song and the backing vocals are gorgeous. This is a track that will leave you in your feels and thinking for sure. Beautifully elegant and executed to perfection, this one deserved a spot this week



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