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Sunrise Serenade: Birds Are Better's 'Seven In The Morning' Weaves Folk, Pop, and Shoegaze

‘Seven In The Morning’ is the latest single from Birds Are Better, and it is a surefire winner. It takes notes from folk, beats from pop and a cool and collected shoegaze vibe from the new-wave indie scene. Serene is how I would describe the feeling of the track in one word. Acoustic guitars pluck and play, strumming in the back, but fingerpicked with passion up front. The vocal sits overtop in a casual fashion, taking time to choose lyrics and delivering them with purpose, punctuality and power. There is a layer of openness that allows us to peer into the inner workings of the song. What you will find there is touching, but you will have to look for yourself.

Birds Are Better know the drill and they know how to get it right. ‘Seven In The Morning’ is a song from the heart and you can certainly feel it. It’s classic with some new twists and turns, and for that reason, it shot right up in my favourites list. Fantastic.



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