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Tai Woffinden's 'Intergalactic' - A Cosmic Electronic Dance Hit with Infectious Beats and synths

An infectious release, fuelled with dance – pop and techno elements – ‘Intergalactic’ will not fail to lift the energy in any room and get you off your feet!

Euphoric in imagery, ‘Intergalactic’ truly is out of this world! With a soundscape that produces a cosmic and dystopian aesthetic, the track entices you with its funky textures and distorting synth, allowing you to feel entranced by those infectious beats! Tai fuses all central parts of the electronic dance genre. With a distinctive bassline, dark synth and heavy beats that contribute to the lively feel, ‘Intergalactic’ is an addictive track that will not fail to grab you at the hips.

Tai Woffinden unleashes his artistic talents in this electronic dance hit and I look forward to his future releases! Allow yourself to absorb those euphoric beats and let loose in ‘Intergalactic’.



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