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Tara MacLean's Latest Single 'Lay Here in the Dark' is a Heartfelt Acoustic Masterpiece

The combination of outstanding vocals and acoustic guitars will never fail to pull on your emotions. The ride you feel, the wave of ups and downs. There is something so simple and effective about that classic combo. ‘Lay Here in the Dark’ is one such song that uses this combo to great effect, clawing at your heart-shaped box and pulling emotion from it. Tara MacLean’s latest single is a true joy to listen to. The light that it brings into the room is wonderful. The vocals and their glittering harmonies, the guitar and its wooden textures, played with a soft touch, with love. The song is moulded with care and you can tell, you can feel it in the beat.

‘Lay Here in the Dark’ builds slowly, it gets you ready for the outpouring of emotion. Tara MacLean is proving to us that she is a master when it comes to writing songs that harmonise with the human heart. It works, and it works like a charm.



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