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Tears & Tenderness: Sweeter than Sorrow's 'Somersaults' Captivates with Haunting Beauty

Sweeter than Sorrow has revealed a heartbreaking single, ‘somersaults.’ The song sways and grows with the beat of your heart. The instrumental builds with smooth layers of humming harmonies and high crystal. The light flickers like a candle flame on the edge of a wick. There is a quality to the sound which is tantalisingly finite. The song feels so honest, that it can never be played again. When you stick it on repeat and listen to it once more, there is a whole other layer of emotion that can be found beneath. This song just digs deeper into your psyche the more you listen to it. It’s simple, played to perfection and a return to form for sad songs in general. Everyone take note, this is how you pull some heartstrings.

Sweeter than Sorrow have named themselves aptly. ‘somersaults’ is human, lonely, hopeful and kind. It holds a smile on the edge of its lips but never lets it out. The world is just too grey, but there is a beauty in that, there is a comfort to be found in sadness. That bitter-sweet feeling is captured here with masterful poise by Sweeter than Sorrow.



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