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Temptation Number Ten" by Early Edison - A Nostalgic Ride with a Modern Twist

One listen to "Temptation Number Ten" and it's clear - Early Edison is giving a nod to classic rock while firmly rooted in the present. This swampy pop-rock track, inspired by the inimitable Tom Petty, masterfully combines nostalgia with a fresh, infectious energy that's perfect for summer.

Early Edison, a NYC-based band helmed by singer-songwriter Tom Ashton, exhibits a love for the power pop, punk, and alt rock genres. A notable undertone of playful seduction permeates "Temptation Number Ten," with clever lyrics exploring themes of desire and decision in a modern Eden. The influence of bands like The Replacements, The Kinks, and Squeeze is apparent, adding depth to the band's already rich sound.

The song’s central hook is an unshakeable earworm that harks back to The Cars' heyday, while crunchy guitars infuse the track with a satisfyingly raw and visceral edge. It's a sound that's as appropriate for stomping along at a summer festival as it is for an intimate live gig.

One of the hallmarks of Early Edison's sound is its seamless blend of old and new, perfectly showcased in "Temptation Number Ten". The band’s ability to incorporate elements of classic rock while crafting something distinctly their own is impressive, providing a sonic treat for both dedicated rock enthusiasts and casual listeners.

Tom Ashton's vocal performance is another standout feature. His voice is raw and emotive, adding an extra layer of grit to the song. It's a performance that draws you in from the first line and holds your attention until the last note.

Ashton’s storytelling ability shines through in the song's narrative, turning what could be a common tale of desire into an engaging and captivating story. The line "nine times out of ten, the temptation is better than the sin... but I'm temptation number ten..." perfectly encapsulates the playful and seductive nature of the track.

"Temptation Number Ten" is a stellar example of how Early Edison's music manages to be fun and thought-provoking at the same time. The track is a testament to the band's talent, delivering a captivating listening experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.

To quote Tom Ashton, "Desire always wins. It leads the eyes, the body, the heart, and the soul towards one's destiny." In "Temptation Number Ten," Early Edison has crafted a song that plays out this sentiment in the most compelling of ways. It's a track that should be on every rock enthusiast's summer playlist.



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