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Dreams Come True

New York, United States

The Alessi Brothers are continuing their reign as kings of warm tones, classy songwriting and slow time jams with their latest single, ‘Dreams Come True’. It's a bluesy, vibrant track full of filling harmonies and slide guitar that will make you swoon. The Alessi Brothers have created a pallet of colours that blend together in front of you as you mull the melodies in your mind. They combine, shift and dilate and the result is something classic, reminiscent of good times, bleeding funk and soul all over the canvas.

The song begins with that guitar. It signals the vibe to get a move on as the shifting sands of the meandering melody sway and push. It's a wonderful tone, one that has been sorely missed over recent years. When the vocals come in they delay, creating layers over the backing. The bass covers the low and the drums are high, clacking against the harmonies as they form in the air above the colours. The song builds, it climbs with oohs and multi-layered harmonies. The chorus is impactful, it's close and intimate, smooth like silk. ‘Dreams Come True’ is a blast from the past in the best of ways.

The sounds here will never grow old. Those pushed vocals like ELO, those guitars that slide up and down, hitting highs that catch the starlight and glimmer. - FREDDIE MCKEE

It's a concoction of musical glee. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.


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