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The Amber List's 'Red Lines & Promises' - A Rocking Blend of Funk, Folk, and Soul

The Amber List are coming in hot with a new single, ‘Red Lines & Promises.’ It’s got that post-rock charm, throw in a little funk and a little folk and you’re almost there. The textures, the riffs and those glorious harmonies lift the song up and over your head. You watch it sail by, trailing colours and hypnotic tunes, you would follow that vocal to the end of the Earth if you had to. ‘Red Lines & Promises’ is built on rhythm and soul. It works away in the back, mostly without you even hearing it. What’s important is that you feel it in your gut, mind, and shoulders as you groove to the beat.

When a song takes rock and blends it into something new, I’m instantly a fan. The Amber List are creating their own little rocking world and they are coming out on top. It’s bold, it’s wild and it takes the melody to heart. Sometimes you just need to get lost in the thick of it, and ‘Red Lines & Promises’ is as thick as it gets. The chorus gives way to a sweltering bridge that I want to vacation in. The Amber List proves with this single that music comes easy to them, and listening to such an organic flow is a pleasure in itself. Sublime.



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