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The Connecting Dots Soar with 'Dancing On Water Lilies': A Melodic Blend of Nostalgia and Innovation

Dancing On Water Lilies’ Soars Beyond the Indie Scene – Discover The Track Redefining Dream Pop!

The floating harmonic dissonance of The Connecting Dots’, ‘Dancing On Water Lilies,’ is a beautiful thing. The light that bounces around the notes, the shimmer patter of broken light that makes its way through them, by the end of even the first bar you are bathed in a wash of colour. ‘Dancing On Water Lilies’ is an indie single that makes a lot of use of synth tones, underlying percussion patterns and plenty of vocal harmonies. When the song is quiet in the verses, it seems to hover like a butterfly, dipping and darting this way and that, but never stirring the afternoon. Then comes the chorus when the whole world breaks, the heavens open and the synth seeps from the clouds. It’s a dramatic shift and it’s just one of the things that makes this single so captivating.

The Connecting Dots are playing, and that will never not be great fun to listen to. The joviality of trying something new, seeing how it feels, and then simply going with it. It never fails to bring a smile to my face. The single is fresh, it’s bright blue and human, it prances instead of dances. It is light on its feet and even lighter on its patterns. The vocals come in to ground the piece and are instead taken away by its buoyancy, up into the clouds the whole construction goes — never have I listened to a song that can sustain such lightness.

‘Dancing On Water Lilies’ is a single for the stars, it’s a single that knows where it wants to go and it gets there easy. The only question is whether you will hold on and go for a ride. I think you should. The Connecting Dots convey their hopes, their passions, and their poetic fancy in this single and if nothing else it is a furiously beautiful place to be. Fantastic.

Genre: Alternative Rock, Indie, Dream Pop, Synth Indie Rock

Mood: Dreamy, Nostalgic, Energetic, Captivating

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