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The Daytime High's 'Pandemonium': A Luminous Indie Explosion of Inventive Tones and Textures

The Daytime High have unveiled their latest single, ‘Pandemonium.’ It’s an indie track full of wonderful ideas and newfound tones and textures. The light that the song gives off is splendid and it is an honour to listen to it come together. With a groove in the back, the song explodes out the gate. It's massive with a full rock set up, yet it comes out glistening, happy — not angry or dark. The vocals slip into this comfortable and approachable space. Think The Killers mixed with Oasis. Chuck in some Eagles and you’ve got yourself a wonderful Daytime High. The track bends, splits, and hits a chorus at full throttle. It’s going strong, the sounds blare past you like high-speed traffic. But it cuts off, the song shifts and the world begins to show new colours as you diver deeper into the ‘Pandemonium.’

There is a quality to every aspect of ‘Pandemonium’ that really sets the track apart from other indie offerings in the space. Each instrument calls out proud around the vocal and its adjoining harmonies. The song clicks together with satisfying changes and breaks which result in the single not only sounding fantastic but feeling fantastic too. There is a classical power that lives in The Daytime High, and when you catch a glimpse of it, even for a second, you realise you’re listening to one of the greats again. Only this time, it’s all-new, and it’s coming right at you.



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