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Call On Karma

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Credit - The Exhales

Four-piece indie band 'The Exhales' formed in Glasgow in 2021 - consisting of vocalist and guitarist Jack Hayes, bassist Aaron Melrose, guitarist Josh Parr and drummer Robert Young. Following on from the success of their debut single 'Siver Smile', the band have freshly squeezed out another zesty piece for us to enjoy!

'Call On Karma' is the title of their second independent release. With catchy melodic hooks, aggressive drum fills and a strong story to tell, this song will get indie rock lovers in a twist.

The lyrics tell a story of escapism from conceited mindsets, toxic relationships and the realisation that not everybody outside of your proximity thinks the same way.

The vocals of the production stand out as a seriously beautiful contribution. The song hints at a Tom Grennan and Lewis Capaldi style artist and the combination of electrifying guitar with drum fills lift the hook up by a thousand notches whilst the verses mix between the most stripped down and a fuller composition.

'The Exhales' are Ones2Watch! I have faith that they're going to blow pretty soon, and fast! Watch this space - TAMARA JENNA

'Call On Karma by The Exhales has made a swift transition into our Ones2Watch - So make sure that you do just that!


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