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Keep The Wolves Away

Cologne, Nice, L.A. Germany

Not enough rock in your life? Good thing that more and more great rock is written every day, you just have to know where to look. One of the best places to look as of late is through THE HYBRIS’s discography, as their latest single, ‘Keep The Wolves Away’ is a brilliant example of modern rock done right. It's loud, its full of attitude, and has a strong melody that you could dance or mosh to.

As soon as you listen to one song from THE HYBRIS then you’re going down the Ringo Rabbit-hole. Punchy bass, interesting breaks, smashing vocals and a melody to match. What a gem. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song starts strong with a killer riff, sub bass set at 11 and drums creating all the atmosphere you could ever need. A false open builds us even higher and the tension starts to kick in, the vocals haven’t even started yet and you know you’re in for something big. They land, or should I say crash down, with the weight of soon-to-be rock and roll legends; harmonies, shouts that hit the perfect notes and, of course, some “Woahs!”. What’s not to love? The musicality is on point too, the breakdown allows for each instrument to show off its good side and with some stylish prog-style stops thrown in for good measure. ‘Keep The Wolves Away’ is a new-age rock single that deserves far more attention. Add it to any playlist that gets you moving and it’ll go down smooth


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