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The Pulltops: A Marriage of Melody and Momentum in New Single "With You"

With_You_Cover_Art: "Cover art for The Pulltops' new single 'With You.'
Retro Vibes, Modern Love: The Pulltops' New Release "With You"

Bringing a refreshing blend of indie-rock, power pop, and album rock, Milwaukee-based duo The Pulltops have released their sixth single this year, titled "With You." This 80s-inspired synth ballad strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and modernity.

Background & Bio

Mark Pierret on drums and Tom Crowell on guitar make up The Pulltops. Their shared passion for record collecting forged an instant bond when they first jammed together. Mark leans towards country and soul, while Tom finds inspiration in the experimental and underground scene. Despite these diverse interests, they've always found unity in their love for pop music and strong hooks.

About the Single

Their newest single, "With You," channels the vibrant 80s synth sound, while infusing it with modern experimental elements. The song opens with psychedelic tones, setting the stage for a textured composition where guitar arpeggios and anthemic drums provide rhythmic richness. The track's vocals are nothing short of powerful, resonating in the hearts of the listeners.

The_Pulltops_Profile: "Mark Pierret and Tom Crowell, the Milwaukee-based duo known as The Pulltops.

Personal Quote

"'With You' is a love letter to the music of the 80s and a testament to the enduring power of catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. We're thrilled to share this journey through time, space, and emotion." - Mark Pierret & Tom Crowell, The Pulltops

Critical Reception

Fans of classic bands like Journey will find themselves right at home with "With You." The single has already made its way into several New Music Spotlight playlists, highlighting its impactful composition and emotional resonance.


"With You" serves as another compelling entry in The Pulltops' expanding discography. As they continue to explore and blend different musical elements, their sound becomes ever more intricate and emotionally resonant. We eagerly anticipate what this visionary duo will come up with next.

  • Genre: Indie Rock, Power Pop

  • Mood: Anthemic, Nostalgic

  • Location: Milwaukee

  • Upcoming Release: "With You"

  • Audience: 80s Music Lovers, Indie Rock Fans

  • Activity: Reflective Listening, Romantic Moments


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