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Thrillkiller's 'Dark Star': A Retro Fusion of Pop and Metal That Electrifies the Soul

Thrillkiller’s ‘Dark Star’ is a punch in the face powered by tone, melody and harmonic bliss. The track takes vibes from 80s and 90s pop and mixes them with the flare and style of hair metal. The intro grabs you with nostalgic force. The tones you have all heard before, you have felt the textures, but you have never heard them played like this. There is a bite to the track, a grit, a pace. The instrumental shifts and charges, the metal comes through. Guitars hit highs, bass growls below and drums begin to work away on the toms. It’s sexy, and the song only just got going. The vocals drop in, perfect for the setting, perfect for the sound. They pump the track even faster, even higher, exploding in the chorus to show us some stellar highs that send shivers down your spine.

‘Dark Star’ is a track that will blow the classical music out of your butt. Fantastic and addicting. Thrillkiller has hit the sweet spot.



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