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Toby Pearce's 'Another Day' Delivers Poignant Blend of Acoustic and Electric Tones

Toby Pearce’s blending of acoustic and electric guitar tones leads to some tremendous tracks. His latest single, ‘Another Day,’ is a slower song. It builds on the core of some simple guitar chords but it then grows to be so much more. The light dances in the hallway like a candle flame as someone approaches from the other side. They smile, the sound lights up their face with emotion as the melody begins to play and they begin to sing. They fall in line, lyrics that touch the soul and soothe the mind follow a groove in the bass and some swing in the drums. It’s a fantastic sound that I couldn’t get enough of. I listened once, twice, and then dived right back in again for more.

‘Another Day’ finds that happy place between sorrow and joy. It’s a place of hope and forgiveness and one that is uniquely human. Toby Pearce captures emotions in sound like no other, a truly great single.


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