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Sages Stirs Up a Storm with 'Walk Away': A Tectonic Masterpiece Blending Modern Metal and Hard Rock

‘Walk Away’ is one of those songs that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end in an instant. It’s something to do with the tone of the guitar and the power behind it. Perhaps it’s the depth of the bass or even the splash of the drums. Whatever the reason, Sages are to blame for this tectonic rock masterpiece. It holds metal, hard rock, 00s rock and hair metal in the palm of its hand as it blasts a stadium melody and punches a gritty rhythm in the verse. Sometimes you need something tight, something crisp, and something metallic. Sages have all of that and more.

Voracious and all-encompassing, the guitars spread out across the sky. The bass calls on the thunder as the cymbals splash out dashes of lightning, forking beautifully behind those god-like vocals. The song presses on and builds a melody fit for a king. The climbing pillars of harmony, battlements of tone, all sealed together by great lyrics. Then the war comes. The drums rampage, the guitars drop into rhythmic patterns and the vocal commands above it all. ‘Walk Away’ is a spectacle, it is a typhoon of a song. Modern metal with a touch of Crüe, a splendid start to any rocking day. Sublime.



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