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Top 10 - Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 24/06/2022



BUZZKILL JOY – birthday cake

Upcoming artist BUZZKILL joy has just dropped his brand new debut single ‘Birthday Cake’, this upbeat bop of a single will definitely get stuck in your head after just one listen. With inspirations like Green Day and Yungblud, BUZZKILL joy also gives me modern-day vibes of The Jam who are pioneers of the first wave of Punk Music, that spawned out of London. Creating a unique style with an upbeat tempo and distinctive hi-hat. Alongside catchy lyrics such as “Birthday cake and strawberry laces / Define myself with familiar faces” sang with young, high vocals and a London twang.



Vince Chinaski – Unconditional Love

Vince Chinaski has created an extremely soothing and soulful tune with the new release ‘Unconditional Love’. The talented Chinaski grew up with influences from Folk, Jazz, Psychedelia, Punk and New Wave. You can really hear a take from each genre throughout this track, showing where his unique style comes from. With the use of the Synth, the player gives a dreamy quality making the sound airy and floaty this results in a euphoric vibe. Adding his adoring vocals that hold Johnny Cash characteristics such as, his vocal depth and raspy lower register. This is really is a perfect atmospheric afternoon tune.



Mellowpunk – VILGAX!!!!!

An extremely energetic tune with a sporadic bass line, and a pop-punk drum beat that’s simple yet effective. Pairing that with angelic but edgy vocals that is soothing to the ears yet daring, making you want to sway along yet gets you prepared to get rocking. Starting with a guitar infused with reverb and chorus setting the tone for the rest of the track which then balances underneath an upbeat tempo encouraging the musical energy. A stand-out catchy chorus you can’t help but sing along to. My first thought when hearing this track was… ‘if The Cranberries did New Wave Punk’.



Caleb Cascio – Roller Coaster

Upcoming artist Caleb Cascio has a lovely, soft vocal with beautiful harmonies that is very easy on the ears. This matched with a swaying melody created by the acoustic guitar and a bopping drum beat creating a country-pop genre of music. Including thoughtful lyrics which create a bigger picture, filling your heart with love and happiness. The chorus includes catchy and unforgettable lyrics such as ‘Life is like a roller-coaster and you’re all I need” lyrics with which many can relate. He then leaves us with gorgeous harmonies that perfectly and whimsical finish. This truly is a heartwarming song.



Hila Rabby - The Walls

Hila Rabby’s single The Walls is quite a progressive track with a melodic tone and off-time symbol hits. The track starts off slow, steady, and smooth making the sound quite unique to new listeners but eases into a staggering drum beat before introducing us to a breathy, angelic vocal which holds an innocent tone. The song intrigues the listeners with the use of odd time signatures, subdivisions, and crosses sticking sections to create a sense of dynamic range, throughout its entirety it builds up through each section soaring into a drum solo and fading out nicely to a melodic end.



Eric Alexandrakis – She Sparkles

Eric Alexandrakis' new track 'She Sparkles' has a jolly ragtime introduction before kicking into a slow-paced melodic Indie style, with light use of a tambourine and interesting use of flange in the vocals. Giving the song some extra character is the use of the underlying accordion across the whole track. The lyrics are sweet and endearing with a chorus you instantly sing along to that later echoes in your mind. Fading out with the use of instrumental phrasing of ‘She Sparkles’ helps bring home the lyrics to keep it on a loop in your head, then fades out ending with the ragtime sample.



Indigo Daydream - Slow Down

Indigo Daydream has created such an atmospheric dream-pop single with the latest debut ‘Slow Down’. The alternative rock/dream pop multi-instrumentalist Nick Cheshire is portraying Earth's journey through the infinite universe. This is done by beautifully using a hypnotic soundscape that instantly transports you in to out of space. This slightly haunting sound holds a surreal edge that is rare yet beautiful with the use of sound effects. A beautiful feature added is the pumping heartbeat at the end with a slow fade. This unique creative form of music really intrigues you as to what the live performance would be like.



Jacob and the Starry Eyed Shadows – We Are Everything (and that’s alright) ACOUSTIC LIVE

The feel of the song is very emotive with deep and connecting lyrics. Using a dry tone of vocals creates a somber emotion and emphasises the depth of the meaning of the song. However, the sad, sweet tone is still yet soothing and somewhat comforting, you will find yourself swaying along to the guitar acoustics. The dual-layered vocals also add an extra dynamic to the song that has a simple yet effective vocal style. A slow drum beat is introduced in the first chorus, this giving a steady pace that is following the acoustic guitar in a melodic rhythm helping drive the song forward.



Auto 250p & Aja Kolsta– Marvel Age

Auto 250p, is a Danish Indie band that has a fun upbeat punk tempo with pop/punk vibes and impressive cinematic overtones. This piece is written with a stand-out choice of wording, and a lyrical theme that is as fun and inspiring as an Indie rock banger. The basis of the song is something for the younger generations to relate to, those that are feeling the world's past pressures and the obligations to fix the older generations' mistakes ironically fitting with the punk influence that is screaming throughout the track using the stern vocals and a sound that is steady, heavy and full of attitude.



Agenda Ambientte – Push!

Agenda Ambienette’s new tune is definitely going for an Ibiza dance anthem with their newest release ‘Push!’. This dance-orientated electronica sound is a mix of house, techno, and trance sensibilities - not forgetting the clever use of your favorite dance samples. Ambienette’s has a wide range of different audiences however does like to focus on reaching out to rockers and clubbers with an unusual but exciting take on Electronic Dance Music. This upcoming Swedish artist believes “the beat is the basis” in EDM so you can get lost in his mix of bopping beats and rave to your heart's content.



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