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TOP 10 - Hip Hop, Rap & R&B 24/06/2022


Philip McHale - Mornings in Paris

Rotterdam, Netherlands

We kick off this week's top 10 with more of a mellow, yet tantalising release from Dutch artist, Philip McHale with his new track, 'Mornings in Paris'. The romantic energy embedded within this track portrays true beauty and accompanied by McHale's talented vocal performance, this song has everything it needs to be a success.

Let's not forget to mention, this is Philip McHale's first track. Just wow. If he can continue along this path with his future releases, there is no doubt in my mind that stardom is on the horizon for the young up-and-comer.


Tremayne - Daddy Issues (feat. Backxwash, Charlie Noiir)

Toronto, Canada

We reel in a versatile banger for you at number 2 with Toronto rapper, Tremayne, and his new track, 'Daddy Issues (Stuntin like my Daddy)'. He was joined on this song by two fellow artists, Backxwash and Charlie Noiir, and unlike many collaborations, each performing artist here holds an exclusive particular aspect to the track.

We see three totally different elements as we make our way through, beginning with a confident, witty performance, which precludes a singing verse and then later leads to an aggressive sector, reminiscent of Eminem. I really respect the versatility on display here and believe the three respective artists have made a great practical decision in joining one another to conjure up this track.


Aryan Kapoor - PLASTICHRTZ

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai rapper, Aryan Kapoor brings us a throwback, retro vibe with his new single, 'PLASTICHRTZ'. The lyricism on the show here is very unique, and more importantly, it is delivered with confidence and a sense of freedom, an air of authenticity.

Kapoor is careful with his wordplay, constantly building towards the next bar and tying it all together with ease. He keeps it light-hearted throughout and in the end, I believe that is a quality that will keep the listener intrigued for where his musical creativity will take him and his audience next.


Millie Blooms - Faint of Heart

Monmouth, UK

UK artist, Millie Blooms recently dropped her single, 'Faint of Heart' on us, and her unique blend of singing with choppy rap verses is certainly not one for the faint of heart. It's a style we don't see enough of, and that is probably because not many can pull it off just as well as Blooms has on this instance.

She is blessed to be able to have the best of both worlds, and she is not letting her unique talents go astray, she writes very cohesive rap verses, delivers them with flair, and includes contagious energy within her hooks. Take a listen to her new single below.


Heaven X - Leaders

California, USA

California rapper, Heaven X is clearly a man dedicated to his craft. The effort he puts into his lyricism and the meaningful aspects of his music are top-tier. In his latest release, 'Leaders', he alludes to the greats of rap and hip hop who have inspired him to push to where he is today and includes the exact qualities that made them great.

He carries the old-school energy acquired from years of paying students to the likes of Biggie and Tupac, and combines it with his own twist to make an overall very wholesome listen.


Rylai - Testimony

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Korea rapper, Rylai, treated us to his new release, 'Testimony', and did not disappoint. If you liked our inclusion at number 3 from Aryan Kapoor, this track borders similar lines, carrying that unique retro energy.

There is a strong consciousness of connected lyricism maintained throughout, along with a consistent tempo and a rhythm that is easy on the ear. I also believe Rylai's voice and tone particularly compliment this beat. A really solid piece of work all-around by the emerging artist out of Asia.


Chuckie Chuck - GODE

Toronto, Canada

Toronto artist Chuckie Chuck took us to new pastures with his single, 'GODE'. We have seen the 'baby voice' trend really take off with prominent artists, Playboi Carti and Mario Judah adhering to it of late, and this is something Chuckie Chuck is bordering on replicating, except there are more elements in his arsenal that allow him not to be limited to one trademark.

There are constant level changes within the vocal performance on this track, keeping the listener hooked and guessing for what's next. I really enjoyed listening to Chuck's work here.



San Francisco, USA

Upon dropping his EP, 'Roses' last November, San Francisco rapper, KRIMINAL has not taken his foot off the gas, giving us his latest single, 'Avenue'.

Kriminal maintains a solid flow on this track, and I believe he's really found his sound since that EP. If you go through his catalog of tunes (which I suggest you do), he stays himself on each of his tracks, he knows what works, and rightfully so. I look forward to seeing what's next from the emerging talent.


Taylor Good - Your Moves

New York, USA

Taylor-Good is our penultimate entry this week with his new track, 'Your Moves'. This song carries a sense of nostalgia with it, and gives off an air of strong romantic and summer energy. The hook is one you can listen to over and over, and the verses are just about mellow enough to join the hooks together.

The replay value in this track is something that should carry it forward, and something I hope to see more of from Taylor-Good.


James Gardin - AM

Lansing, USA

To top off this week's list we have Lansing, Michigan rapper, James Gardin, and his single, 'I AM'. There is some real old-school energy on display here for those of you who are into that. There is also a conscious awareness of the lyricism used, with Gardin constantly alluding to his personal struggles as a means to aspire him to better himself.

As usual, it's refreshing to hear this style slowly creep up to prominence once again. Really clean work here by Gardin.

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