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Top 10 Indie Rock - 22/04/2022

Updated: Apr 23, 2022



TATARELLA - Lontano dai ricordi

Napoli, Italy

Tatarella is a singer, actor, and now also a singer-songwriter, who entrusts his own pen and voice to the arrangements by Gaetano De Luca. 'Far from memories' is a piece that paints the story of the desire to grow and escape from the cage that we self-build, the demons that crowd our minds, and the chains that keep us attached to our fears and uncertainties. Sung in Italian, our translation of this track wasn't at its strongest but we could feel the emotion of the track and fully enjoyed the multiple guitar elements from heavy rock-inspired chords to sexy solos which when combined with the strength of the vocals and the video, we grasped the message without the need for words. This track definitely stood out to us in terms of how its creativity merged together to tell its story. We've included the video in our Top 10 videos this week so make sure you check that out too.



Colt Sterk - Cherry Stem

Eagle, ID, United States

Colt Sterk sent us his latest release titled 'Cherry Stem'. This is a fun, sexy song about a beautiful flirty bartender in New York City that specializes in making cocktails with cherries and her unmatched ability to tie any cherry stem in a knot with just her tongue. - Where can I find her? I'm on the way. This track is an interesting cocktail in itself full of Americana Rock and chill island music. So, who are the band members behind the genius? Colt Sterk is the only producer providing both the lead vocals and rhythm guitar. He told us that his grandfather taught him to play guitar at 13 and by 14, he was writing his own original songs. This is something many people do but not all succeed, so credit to Colt for doing so! Taking inspiration from the likes of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Eric Church we knew that this would be an artist to look out for.




Lancaster, United Kingdom

Lancaster-based synth-rock trio 'Vex Message' is back with their new single '1 Big 1'. The synth-rock trio captured listeners' interest with their previous releases titled 'Data Regime' and 'No You Don’t'. Going back to the future, 'The 1 Big 1', is a literary-inspired production that will feature on the band’s much-anticipated debut album which is scheduled for release this summer. The song takes its inspiration from the Russel Hoban book 'Riddley Walker'. This track was mixed and mastered by Jag Jago (The Maccabees, Jessie Ware, The Magic Gang) and the band members are Derek Meins (vocals), Mark Hope (guitars, synths), and Sam Kirkham (drums). Check it out!



Kingfisher - Molten Gold

Sweden, Uppsala

Credit - Tomoya Suzuki

Kingfisher is back with their new release 'Molten Gold'. This is a track that explores the concept of stories. Stories are the core of it all, from hunting and gathering to modern music. With stories at its core, Molten Gold is a wave of sound that trickles in our eardrums. Theatrically arranged from section to section, each part carefully instinctive, the psychedelic bridge stands out. Are you looking for a musical journey? The band has a branding ambition: to spread an environmentally friendly vision across fans and industry pros. We would like to be seen as such: an eco-friendly band with a unique diverse music style. Julian (guitar and vocals) is Colombian, Nich (drums) is Italian, and Affe (bass) is Swedish. Click the link below to hear it!





Trent Peltz - Crossing Bridges

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Isabelle Lesh

While calling back to the roots of ’60’s and ’70’s rock, Trent Peltz uniquely ties together a classic singer-songwriter sound with the modern world of psychedelic synth-pop. His approach results in a genre-defying body of work that exists only in its own ether. As a producer, singer, and songwriter, Trent created his album, “Crossing Bridges,” to inspire hope in a time of tumultuousness and uncertainty. A concept album exploring the pain and ultimate resolution from emotional abuse, Trent takes you on a journey through the likes of heartbreak, death, bad habits, and self-love. From studying Music, Science, and Technology at Stanford University to playing stadium tours with Grace McKagan, Trent’s wealth of experience has led to his refreshingly new sound, discussing real-world problems and offering optimistic solutions.



The Lillypillies - We'll be together

Sydney, Australia

The Lillypillies are an alternative indie electro-rock/pop project. 2022 marks the release of their debut album 'Run To The Future' which is a collection of power indie pop/rock songs that seem to have a common theme: the struggles with the present day, the nostalgia of the past, and the hope that we can reach the future soon where things will surely be better. The Lillypillies create music with colourful and dark melodies using electronic sounds and guitars. The indie electro-pop/rock of the Lillypillies is the project of singer, songwriter, and producer 'Manny Attanasio' with the collaboration of friends and family. This band has the vibe of alternative indie-pop with a nostalgic feel using a combination of guitars and analogue synths but with a contemporary sound. Producing the music themselves, they deserved a spot in this week's Top 10 Indie-Rock! Click the link below to hear their latest release!



gloomy june - Always Gonna Let You Down

San Francisco, United States

Credit - Sarah Arnold

The new anticipated single, “Always Gonna Let You Down,” is due for release on 04/05/2022. This track developed when guitarist Devin Nelson came to band practice with a synth instrumental of the track. The dancey melody and rhythm reminded the band of an 80’s record like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and with Nelson suggestion of the title, “Always Gonna Let You Down” was born. The lyrics of “Always” were written by vocalist Alexi Belchere during the unnerving Summer of 2020. As the pandemic drove people to “social-distance socialize” at the beach or the park, the surreal image of everyone, (including Belchere,) carrying on with social activities during the tragic time lead to the escapist lyrics of the song. It was written from the point of view of someone having a bad time at a party, and spreading that bad time to their partner who comes to check on them. Make sure that you follow their Spotify to be the first to hear it on 04/05/2022.



Stars in Coma - Repeat the Narrative

Malmö, Sweden

Credit - Nicole Eklund

Swedish indie-pop outlet Stars in Coma makes a comeback nearly two years after its latest release with the acoustic and low key-sounding mini-album 'Artificial Consensus'. The debut single, 'Repeat the Narrative', partly lends its rhythm and sonic setting from what you would expect from a Western theme song, while still keeping its bittersweet pop melody nerve intact. Lyrically, the song tries to make sense of all the craziness we've endured over the past two years. Click the link below to hear it!



Astral Lite - Strawberry Moon

Niceville, FL, United States

Credit - Citrine Sumer

Dreamy post-punk vibes meet Eno-Esque art-pop eccentricity in the new single from northwest Florida's indie-psych trio 'Astral Lite'. The members are Johnie Palmer on guitar, lead vocals, and principal songwriting, Amanda Boone on bass, and vocals. Kaelin Boone on drums, synths, and vocals. The band's main influences are bands such as The Cure, The Pixies, and R.E.M, and we can definitely hear those influences in the work of 'Astral Lite'. We decided that they deserved a place in our Top 10 Indie-Rock this week! Click the link below to hear it!



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