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Top 10 Pop - 22/04/2022



Allegra - He Ain't You

London, United Kingdom

Allegra is back with her latest new single titled ‘He Ain’t You’. Taking a step away from her dance roots, Allegra takes a step into her maturity as an artist in this pop anthem. 'He Ain’t You' explores the struggles of moving on from a failed past relationship, finding someone new, but still romanticising those unforgettable past feelings. We've all been there right? “But if I close my eyes just for a second | It just might do” “I know it’s not fair | But just for a second | I need to forget that he ain’t you” she sings over the top of an entrancing pop beat, the mid-tempo track flows with a longing to forget. Allegra opted to create a much more honest track that exposes her vulnerability in a painstakingly relatable sentiment. Get it added to your playlist today by clicking the link below. Great track with a relatable message.



Tori Boltwood - stay on the moon

Fort Worth, United States

Tori Boltwood has released a new piece titled 'Stay On The Moon'. This was written as a Cinematic music piece that intends to take you into a different dimension of sound and imagery. A journey into its own universe of metaphoric lyrics. At the heart of its creation staying on the moon is about how we must acknowledge that loving someone isn't always enough to keep them in your life. That there are important moments where life requires you to make the difficult choice for what's best for not only your mental/emotional health but the health of both people involved. A great pop track with catchy lyrics and a story to be heard so checking it out is a must!



Alexandra Youne - Without You

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Gzee Pix

Alexandra Younes from Sydney, Australia is an up-and-coming pop singer/songwriter. Her sound has been described as one that is "simultaneously dark and shimmering... it balances between vulnerability and power" (Happy Mag). Her songwriting and production combined with her powerhouse vocals, provide us with something special. Her latest release titled 'WITHOUT YOU' is Alexandra's first release since 2019, and is an homage to her formative teenage years as a pop-rock fan. Click the link below to hear this amazing track! We can't wait to hear what else Alexandra has up her sleeve just don't leave it another 2-3 years!



seidekai - You can try

Bremen, Germany

seidekai has released his latest track titled 'you can try'. This is a song that is a homage to the eighties, the era that which the artist spent their childhood. Artists like Phil Collins, Madonna, and Prince have influenced his musical style where he both plays keys and guitar. Making the comment "My music is the diary I never wrote, is the picture I never painted, is the poem I never wrote". We were intrigued by the many musical influences that inspired his sound so we decided to have a listen to 'you can try' and you know what? We weren't disappointed. Go stream now using the link below.



CALL ME DIO - Always On The Run

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Dio

'always on the run' is the second song of the year for London artist 'Call Me Dio'. W got an exclusive listen in anticipation of its release next Friday. 'always on the run' shows the dark/sad side of a story which narrates growing up on a road where bad/good things constantly happen, a story many of us can relate to. Elaborating further, the artist said, "I'm proudly on the other side of the story in a place where I can tell it, sing it and perform it with no weird feelings at all, my story is just like many others out there and I'm just hoping these songs somehow work like bridges connecting our worlds together building some type of community." Stream the track by clicking the link below.



Kaeley Jade - Ego

Edmonton, Canada

Credit - Chelsea Wiebe

Canadian musician Kaeley Jade is back with another indie-pop gem titled 'Ego'. Produced by the JUNO-nominated team at Velveteen Music, Kaeley's latest single, ‘Ego’, is a compelling examination of the ways in which unhealthy relationships can affect our emotional well-being. Reminiscent of artists such as Maggie Rogers and Olivia Rodrigo, this is a raw anthem for those struggling to heal. In a statement Kaeley Jade said the following - “I wrote ‘Ego’ after a particularly rough night at a party, and I wanted to explore how toxic relationships can impact our mental health,” says Kaeley. “This one goes out to all those struggling to find closure.” Check it out by clicking the link below!



NÆLDE - Who do I owe my smile

Copenhagen, Denmark

Credit - Kristopher Guarniz

NÆLDE is a danish independent artist and producer currently based in Berlin. Her latest track titled 'Who do I owe my smile' is a self-made track about not wanting to put on a performance/mask simply to please others. The story of this track is to question whether "a smile is something we owe in order to be allowed to take up space." - NÆLDE. Influences for this artist include artists such as COBRAH, Shygirl and Charlie XCX. The single was recorded in the home studio of mix engineer Dominic who also helped with the mix. The track is dominated by piano arpeggios and is the most pop-ish and softest track that this artist has written thus far. Click the link below to stream 'Who do I owe my smile'.



ema sid - happy

Maryland, United States

ema sid is released her second single today and we had the pleasure of being one of the first to hear it. This is a song that addresses the nature of faking happiness. It's about how we're all lonely but faking smiles to fit in. We're crying alone but drinking to cheers at parties, posting on social media just the happy bits. People you care about see you but really don't see through. It's a pop, upbeat track with a hint of rock. Taking influence from artists such as Conan Gray, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne we knew that we'd be in for a treat with this track. The track was produced at GDA Productions by Garrett Atkinson mix engineer who was also involved in the production alongside

Ryan Scheerer and ema sid herself also wrote the song. Check it out.



gluten free - JUNO

Orem, United States

Credit - gluten free

gluten free is back with 'JUNO'. The duo consists of Brayden and Milly who both do everything from production and vocals, to mixing and mastering. The pair met shortly after high school and eventually got married and have made music together since the beginning. How cute is that! The track was recorded in their living room where Brayden produced the track in its entirety. The song is about 2 people in love. The lyrics are quirky and represent a simple lifestyle, romanticizing typically overseen moments. The lyrics do not take themselves too seriously which is what makes the song so fun. Stream it below!



Abbi Press - Guilty Conscience (Cover Single)

Austin, United States

Credit - Lissy Laricchia

Abbi Press has blessed our ears with a cover version of 'Guilty Conscience. You may have heard the original by 070 Shake but this version is a cover that incorporates a dance-pop Dreamwave vibe in a real twist. With a pulsing bassline and striking vocals, this is a track for your pop playlists! Abbi Press originally released this cover back in January, but now she's back to release a Music Video this Friday. Make sure you go check her out! Definitely deserved a spot in our Weekly Top 10 Pop for sure! Click the link below to hear it!



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