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#Trady is the UK's equivalent to Eminem




Billingham, United Kingdom


Credit - Trady





#October17th by Billingham-based artist #Trady released his album in November last year. This project consists of 13 unique and statement-making pieces that roam around the mind of the artist. Opening this album is a track called #Thisismyintro quite fitting right? Giving a background into the artists' journey this piece goes in hard with heavy 808s, scatty trap drum loops, and a cinematic synth.. and most importantly, HEAVY RAP VOCALS. I love the way that the piece varies between the heaviness of its rap flow and the humbleness found in the spoken narrative. #Cooking is genius - it's a loose track that is fun to listen to - The flow and satirist narrative reminds me of Eminem in tracks like 'Just Lose it'. #AntonovychaStreet47/12-Skit captures a random conversation between a group of lads. #Porl tells the dark story of the streets performed by Elliot Smith from Komparrison, Paul Mcgee, and Trade before transitioning into the next track #Wiredonlife has a G Eazy feel in productive elements whereas the vocals are very based in UK Grime. #Surgery is a track that has a haunting drill synth that adds to the eerie lyrics in the piece. The lyrical content here is crafted with high skill to showcase both the mind and the vocal ability of this rapper. #ColouredinRed ft Sean Brown is a dedication to where #Teady is from. Full of aggression, almost screamo rock-rock is showcased here. In #NoMercy #Trady makes it very clear that he's a "one-man army, no team" - making reference to Gollum and dark fairytales, this piece makes reference to many common themes. The female sung hook adds something great to the track that takes the whole artistic direction to the next level. This is a great track! Definitely my favorite so far here. Track 9 entitled #Nooffence showcases the collaborative efforts of #Trady and #Bizarre. I don't think #Trady takes a breath between his bars throughout the whole duration of his lyrical content - This artist has a mad crazy skill for sure! #Voicesinmyhead-LunkoRemix has a completely different production style - the track is dreamy. The vocals, however, showcase a demon. The effects on the vocals offer something new to the project that brings both an uplifting and depressing feeling to the same piece. #Running is an absolute banger of a track - Featuring #Haydn this is an honest piece that exhumes demons - faces them and spills them out to the listener. This track moves away from the aggressive rap elements that feature on this album and into the raw and vulnerable emo rap. There are still some rap verses but they hit fiercely through their emotion rather than in their execution. This is by far my favorite track on this album. I had to add it to the 'Tamara Jenna's Top Picks' Spotify Playlist. Oh my, what can I say about #Makemealie?! I love the guitar loop, the progression, the heavy distortion, the reverbed vocals, and the hook. Tamara Jenna's Top Picks it is! This is a chart-ready song for definite! Perfection. Closing the album, Track 13 #Different homes in on the artist's insecurities, taking the pain, and creating something real and relatable is something that #Trady does best. A genius and a legend in the making.



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