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Tropic: Capturing the Essence of Queer Love in 'Star Crossed'

Tropic's New Single 'Star Crossed': An Intimate Journey Through Queer Love
Cover art for Tropic's single 'Star Crossed', featuring a dreamy, colorful backdrop that evokes the tender and introspective nature of young, queer love, with the title artistically displayed.
Cover art for Tropic's single 'Star Crossed'

Brooklyn-based Electro-R&B duo Tropic, composed of Jo-B Sebastian (vocals) and Phuse (production), returns with their heartfelt new single, 'Star Crossed'. This track delves into the complexities and nuances of young, queer love, showcasing Tropic's ability to blend emotive storytelling with their signature sound.

Upon first listen, the instrumental felt very much like one that Mac Miller would have used, one where jazz meets R&B. Upon second listen and third, I felt the same. It lies in the way that the boom baps combine with bubbles of classic 90s key synths and layers of velvet distorted synths. It creates something of a nostalgia. There's a homely feel about the piece, that takes me back to my childhood. It echoes hints of the Boys II Men and Jodeci era but with a very modern electronic synth-pop twist.

It's soulful, yet it's commercial enough to cause a stir, and it's glazed with the right amount of pop to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Promotional image of Tropic for their single 'Star Crossed', capturing Jo-B Sebastian and Phuse in a reflective pose,.
Promotional image of Tropic for their single 'Star Crossed', capturing Jo-B Sebastian and Phuse

So, what's the song about then? 'Star Crossed' is an intimate ode to the innocence and sometimes misguided pathways of young, queer love according to the duo. The track is lifted with sultry harmonies, warm chords, and a scintillating beat, illustrating Tropic's vulnerability and artistic depth. Jo-B Sebastian's reflection on the inspiration behind the song shines a light on personal and universal relatability, exploring themes of love, acceptance, and the desire to be seen and loved.

As we look ahead to what's to come from 'Star Crossed' I can't help but feel that it may be something big. Whether that's due to their R&B textures, electronic landscapes, pop hooks, and funk rhythms or Jo-B's velvety vocals and heartfelt lyrics with Phuse's slick, luscious production, I can't say. My guess would be the collective experience!

Genre: Electro-R&B

Mood: Nostalgic, Relaxing

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