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Amora, Portugal

Bringing dark synth to the mainstream will be an uphill battle, we all know that. But there is something about this gloomy, pulsing genre that is so captivating. It's a challenge yes, but many will try. One such band trying and succeeding to add a poppier branch to dark synth is Tsunamiz. Their single, ‘Attack,’ is a rocking track that lives on the cusp of the bleak. The bass rises and falls, the beat is fast and crisp breaking apart the various synths that ooze around us. The main melody is held in constant arpeggiation, creating a never-ceasing stream of purples and blues. The vocals are sublime. Dark and gritty they stalk the halls of tone, collecting those who dare challenge the rhythmic bliss of the synth.

‘Attack’ is an amazing track. It brings synth into the rock world, jumping into pop from time to time. The vocals alight on grunge and punk, adding another layer of depth to the sound. The result is a single I listened to 3 times in a row, moving the entire time.



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