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Twin Stranger Captivates with Soulful, Contemporary Indie Folk in 'Racing Around'

Twin Stranger’s ‘Racing Around’ is a single that catches you with its honest brilliance. Acoustic guitars begin to play. They bounce off the back wall and overlap one another, soon there are hundreds of strings, all calling for the beat. It comes in soft with a low tone in the bass. This brings up the vocal, calm, soothing, never more than a murmur. It fits the tone with wonderful precision and the song begins to sway as if taken by a river flow. The chorus layers even more — you feel enlightened; the melody works its way into your soul and nestles there, making you better, even when there is nothing wrong.

‘Racing Around’ pulls from many genres, but it stays in contemporary indie folk for me. It's the daffodil textures, the subtle harmonies and the pulsing guitar that keeps you invested. It’s a simple song, and it has to be. Otherwise, all of Twin Stranger’s wonderful emotions would be lost to the clouds. Enthralling.



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