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Ukulele MJ's 'Limbo': A Masterful Instrumental Showcase of the Valiant Ukulele

‘Limbo’ from Ukulele MJ is an instrumental track that showcases the valiant ukulele. The whole song is played on ukulele, and that may not sound shocking. But it is. The melody is sublime, fast and tonal. I can hear more notes than I thought a ukulele could even play! There are whimsical chords, amazing bass tones and a through-line story-telling texture that I have only ever heard on guitar. ‘Limbo’ is truly eye-opening, the stop harmonics sent shivers down my spine. The song takes influence from Latin music, but only slightly, there really is no comparison to anything else I have heard from solo instrumental music. Perhaps I have never stumbled across it before. Ukulele MJ has opened up an expansive door for me.

The weight of the song lies in the masterful playing of Ukulele MJ. There is so much personality in the play style, so much respect for the instrument. One does not play the other. The pair work together to create sounds that can be heard nowhere else on Earth. A fantastic song that you simply have to listen to.



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