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UNDRAFTED - Doug Flutie


Doug Flutie

Kansas City, United States

Credit - Ryan Upton

Undrafted have unravelled a new single before us. It’s hip-hop to the teeth, adorned with slick beats and deep bass lines that keep the rhythm pumping all the way through the track. ‘Doug Flutie’ is expressive, colourful and alive. A lot of hip-hop gets stuck in the dust, it’s negative and condescending. Not here. Undrafted have cultivated a sound that flows with positivity. Each line on ‘Doug Flutie’ is uplifting. From the cyclic synths in the back, doing work to beef up the chorus, to the chanting in the midsection; it's all glowing with good vibes.

‘Doug Flutie’ is hip-hop, yes, but it's also so much more. It takes influence from American Football (or as Undrafted would call it, Football) of all things. The lyrics spin a tale, telling a story of resilience, struggle and eventual victory. If you want to go on a journey scored by true hip-hop talents, then you simply must check out ‘Doug Flutie’ from Undrafted. They won’t ever leave you high and dry.



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