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Unlock Your Emotions with Jessica Woodlee's Powerful Single 'By Now'

Jessica Woodlee has a voice, and it is one that you need to listen to. Her latest single, ‘By Now,’ is a powerful reminder that music can be moving. It can touch you somewhere spiritual and unlock a side of yourself you haven't seen for a long old time.

The ingredients are simple. A plucked acoustic, myriad synths to add some grit. A bass that follows the root and some percussion to season. And of course, the vocal. Together they comprise the majority of pop. It’s the quality that matters, and there sure is a lot of quality here. Jessica Woodlee has a voice that will stand the test of time. It is vibrant, harmonic, tonal and pliable. It twists and turns on a dime, jumping to hit highs you didn't even see, before dipping down to hit the power in the bass. A marvel of melody and a wonderfully adept talent. ‘By Now’ is the start of something massive. Once you listen to a single breath of Jessica Woodlee’s vocals, you’ll understand why.


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