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URBAN WALRUS - All I Really Want


All I Really Want

Zurich, Switzerland

Urban Walrus’s new track, ‘All I Really Want,’ features a fantastically colourful soundscape. There are fields of green under deep purple skies. The trees, orange through and through, climb toward the skyward ocean as the beat of the song sways in the breeze. The guitars are the songbirds, the bass the call of the earth. The vocals step out into the open and sing to the space around them. The air turns bright, a glowing ball of positive energy that spans the globe, sending waves of joy through all whom it touches. ‘All I Really Want’ takes elements of The Beatles and twists them into an indie rock sound. The vibe is chill and soft, the pace even more so. Urban Walrus have produced a sound so soothing and uplifting that you become completely obsessed with their songs.

‘All I Really Want’ toes the line between psychedelic rock and classic indie. One line it doesn’t toe, however, is the one between a good track and a mediocre one. This track is a smash hit, one that will stay with me for a long long while.



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