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August Rain

Zurich, Switzerland

Urban Walrus has once again hit us with a single full of signature melodies and harmonies, ‘August Rain’. A song that will make you swoon, laugh, dance and cry. It's a song that speaks to remembering the past, letting it wash over you and letting time itself take the pain away. ‘August rain’ is a bright song tonally. Guitars and piano duet to a funky melody that makes the metronome dance, it is a hard thing to do, get a sound so vibrant and moving to a 4/4 beat, but Urban Walrus has managed it here. It's a tune that you’ll be humming for weeks if not months.

The song feels like Oasis if they never fought if they chilled out in green meadows and contemplated the hardships of life. It's a wondrous and wholesome sound. The song starts getting the beat locked in, and once settled in a confident and proud stride the instrumental joins with the vocals. You are lost in the lyrics and the chorus brings you out of the trance so you can sway your lighter and remember the good times. ‘August Rain’ impressed me from start to finish. A song that can cut deep, yet heal even more so. Urban Walrus continues to define their sound by releasing track after track of soulful bangers.


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