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Vallac Unleashes EDM House Masterpiece 'On My Way'

On_My_Way_Cover_Art: "Stunning cover art for Vallac's latest single, 'On My Way.
Milan-Based DJ Vallac Delivers a High-Energy, Euphoric Dance Experience

Italian DJ Vallac, hailing from Milan, returns to the music scene with an electrifying new single, "On My Way." Known for his innovative approach to EDM and house music, Vallac is a purveyor of pulsating beats and infectious rhythms that grab your attention from the get-go.

The Man Behind The Music:

Vallac is not just another DJ; he is a musical craftsman who knows how to blend different genres and influences to create something fresh and unique. This Milanese artist draws upon Italy's rich musical culture, infusing it with contemporary electronic dance elements to produce tracks that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

A Journey Through Sound:

"On My Way" is an invitation to let go and be swept away by the music. The song is a high-octane musical journey designed to pump you full of adrenaline and keep you dancing all night long. Laced with anthemic vocals and euphoric elements, the track serves as an ideal companion for workout sessions, dance floors, and anywhere you need a burst of energy.

On_My_Way_Cover_Art: "Stunning cover art for Vallac's latest single, 'On My Way.

The Making of "On My Way":

Crafted meticulously, "On My Way" showcases Vallac's attention to detail and his knack for producing ear-catching tunes. The song features a variety of elements from vocal dance to commercial pop, catering to a wide audience while maintaining a unique identity that sets it apart from other EDM house tracks.

The Impact:

Since its release, "On My Way" has been creating ripples in the EDM community. It’s not just a song; it's an experience. The high-energy, infectious rhythm and beats are resonating with fans across the globe, making it a must-play track for DJs looking to electrify their sets.


Vallac's "On My Way" is an audacious project that encapsulates the spirit of modern EDM and house music. It's more than just another track; it's a declaration of Vallac’s mastery over his craft and a promise of more electrifying tunes to come. If you're ready to lose yourself to dance, Vallac's latest offering is your ticket to a night you won't forget.


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