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Vargen's 'The Bitch In Me': A fusion of classic rock and funk with a vocal force to be reckoned with

‘The Bitch In Me’ is a glorious smooth rock single from Vargen. The talented mind of this Swedish wolf brings to light tones and textures that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. There is a solidarity in the rock, a passion and a fire that pulls it out of the dark with impressive ease. ‘The Bitch In Me’ takes the smooth motions of classic rock and adds some fresh funk into the mix. This blending of tones can easily send a song spiraling out of control, until it hits a place where it becomes nothing but sound, it is a perilous endevour. But Vargen manages it in style and the resulting rock song can rile you up but also keep things smooth as butter.

It’s the bright drums and how they bark against the bass in the back. It’s the keys that slide in between the guitar to add some glitter, some pazaz. But when that chorus begins to build you realise that the presence holding the whole thing together are those vocals. They have a kick like Dylan, a style like Bowie and the volume of them both smashed together. ‘The Bitch In Me’ is not just another rock single, it is a rock single born from the ashes of the great ones and has brought with it all of their power and more.

With an album on the way expect to hear more from Vargen. I am on the edge of my seat, and you should be too.



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