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Videos - 03/06/2022



Alberta, Canada

Wiesinger is a Canadian award-winning author, videographer, and business owner, and now he is a hope-dealing musician. A hope dealing musician? That’s right he plays guitar and the drums, writing songs to inspire others with hope. After a rocky road, Wiesinger is back and now years later he is finally releasing the music he has been working on for years. This video offers both home video meets professional production to its viewers in a must watch and must-hear piece!


Birdeatsbaby - Ribbons

London/Brighton, United Kingdom

Birdeatsbaby has released the video for 'Ribbons', the first single from their occult album, 'HEX'. Birdeatsbaby is a group of multi-instrumentalists that blend elements of rock, metal, and cinematic music to create a sound that's striking and unique. I was completely in awe of this video and so I had to include it in our Top Videos this week. The opening starts very strong with captivating cinematic indents. The camera techniques create a range of imagery that is enhanced by the feel of the track and the darkness of the color grading. I would defo rate this 10/10.


Itay Kashti - EU Democracy

London, United Kingdom

Itay Kashti brings us something different - although this isn't your standard music video, the visually offered something that stood out to me over at TJPL NEWS. The imagery hints at VR/alternate realities and me being s sucker for philosophical questions and futuristic pondering, I had to have a look. The track is a downtempo electronic track, melding urban chill beat with atmospheric guitars and synth and wrapped with lofi aesthetic, that makes a thought-provoking statement about the world's current affairs. So, if you're like me and you're exploding with questions, this is a track that would suit you nicely!


Peter Spacey

Spacey Curry - Analog Space (Peter Spacey & Analog Front) Live @ Cube (Zero1)

Tel Aviv, Israel

The above video is a special collaboration between art forms - live on stage and analog video synthesis that sculpture sound frequencies that resonate into light, and Mesmerihse Hypnotic visual textures in time and space. The collaboration aims to connect The old analog video techniques with futuristic digital beats. There are so many interesting camera tricks in this video! Inside the Cube, surrounded by 360° video projection - Electronic Artist 'Peter Spacey' is seen playing live. From the Analog. Front Team Analog video artist, and VJ - Play an analog video setup that includes a video synthesizer and oscillator that receives input sound from Peter Spacey, and closed-circuit feedback camera input that processes the sound and image that projects them live onto the cube walls. This video has merged the art of two incredible collaborators to create something visually different!




Long Island, NY, United States

Long Island (US) rapper nikmoody releases his highly anticipated debut album Madhouse on June 30th 2022. He has been dropping music videos leading up to the album, along with singles exposing the depth and breadth of his musicality and experiences. His last music video, before the release of the album, premiered just yesterday on June 2nd. BMT (Bite My Tongue) is his most wild project yet. Set in a warehouse in Brooklyn, Nik and his girlfriend attend a party that is crazy, turning Nik into a rockstar. This video is a must see! If you're looking for a video that tells a story this is the one for you!


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