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London/Brighton, United Kingdom

Now for a fresh release from London/Brighton-based 'Birdeatsbaby'! The video for their single 'Illuminate' impressed me this week for many reasons, the main one being the way that the video encompasses religious symbolism alongside its haunting production. The strings add a haunting orchestral feel to a progressive heavy rock production. There appears to be a black magic/exorcism theme lingering throughout as we watch a woman contained within the circles that she draws herself. Metaphoric? At some point during the production, a yin-yang element creeps in through the themes of good and evil in the form of a ballet dancer dressed in white and the darkness that is portrayed by the woman who remains in her circle. I absolutely think that you all need to check this video out regardless of your genre preferences.



Co. Wicklow, Ireland

'I’m Here Now' is an inspirational and educational song by Ireland's own 'PrYmary Colours'. The song itself offers an uplifting club track pays tribute to all of the Italo Disco and Synth Pop-influenced music of the last few years. The video is one that highlights experiences of growing up as a person of colour in Ireland. When talking about the production the group's singer Cayisha takes those experiences and brings them to life in a way that will only captivate and move its audience.

The video takes us through the journey of the school life of a girl who experiences the wrath of a patriarchal teacher who is determined to keep her in her place. Across the video, we gradually begin to see the fight of the girl begin to grow with aid of her "Fairy Drag Mother". but is gradually unravelled by the guts of the daring child, alongside the presence The video aims to promote matriarchal feminine energy by in fact teaching the teacher that there are more ways than the old ways.


BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Protocol

Brooklyn, United States

It wouldn't be right to move on to the next artist without highlighting this next release from 'Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L' as it impressed me almost as much as his song 'Double Or Nothing'. 'Protocol' has made it into our Top 10 Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B this week too! The song addresses drinking at nighttime and the issues that come with the pleasure.

The production rides on the back of flute synths, scattered trap beats and slow 'Drake' style vocals. I love the contrast between the vocal performance of both tracks presented this week. I always love hearing more from this artist!


STELLA PARIS - Electrifying

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Pop artist Stella Paris gives us high energy which grabs you at the hips with her new single ‘Electrifying’. The song was inspired by a static kiss she shared back in 2018, and goes on to discuss those strong, almost electrifying connections we feel during feelings of lust.

There is an interesting soundscape, with an incorporation of funky beats and pop synth to really lift you off your feet! This all seems to reflect on ideas surrounding the high intensity of those sparks we feel with certain people in our lives, and the way Stella conveys this idea gives an otherworldly view of feelings of lust. (Written by Aimee Stokes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Vancouver, Canada

Ben Arsenault comes in next offering his music video for 'Hold On To You'. When talking about the songwriting process for the song, Arsenault stated that he wrote the song on a road trip in Bug Sur whilst taking in some of the imagery. For instance, the reference to a lonely rock in the ocean within the first verse inspired the production.

The video for ‘Hold On To You’ marks the first instalment of a diaristic desert road trip that lays itself out bare within the theme of the piece.

Take away the massive production, and experience the journey of the artist through his real-life experiences. I love homemade DIY videos that tell not only a concept but also an authentic truth!


JENN VIX - Mr. Strange

Rhode Island, United States

Alternative/ pop artist Jenn Vix's new track ‘Mr. Strange’ gives an interesting take on her experience with a male blow-up doll and uncovering the effects of sexual desire.

The anonymity of ‘Mr Strange’ was a clever artistic choice, as the ambiguity of his identity helps connect the listener to their own ‘Mr Strange’. It draws upon themes of uncertainty and this act of putting up an idealised façade when overcome with feelings of lust. The musical components are quite spooky and eerie in nature, which is quite fitting for this time of year. This was achieved through the dissonance in the high ringing of the melodies, which served to keep the track in a constant suspenseful nature, leaving the listener on edge throughout which made it more of an interesting and enjoyable listen (Written by Aimee Stokes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Austin, United States

Make way for the latest release from Austin-based LUEGO! Marking the title track of his latest studio album, THE VORTEX, LUEGO presents not only the main release but also throws in a music video for us all to enjoy too! I enjoy a good visual as I'm sure you all do too! Six albums and a twenty-year songwriting career later, LUEGO has presented himself as a persistent face in the game. His music ranges from acoustic, blue-eyed soul to pop providing both an autotuned and raw performance in 'THE VORTEX'.

The video also throws us a lot to think about in its mix of simplistic 1 man and an acoustic meets a team of dancers. This is a video that you must get around to watching, so you may as well do it now whilst you're here! Thank me later.


SEE YOUR SHADOW - Crazy Things Like That

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The song feels folk from the get-go. Opening with a mix of soft acoustic guitars and plucks that keep the beat positive and lighthearted, the song sets off skipping down the way with pigtails in its hair. The vocals begin, matching the instrumental like the final piece of the puzzle, and all is complete. The song takes us on a journey through varied verses and a chorus that just won’t quit with the charm and it’s delightful. What makes this song stand out for me is the harmonies and how varied they are. They do not exist just in the vocal layer but throughout. It seems as if the guitar harmonises with the vocals, and the bass does too, the drums fill the gaps and keep the whole track tight, leading to ‘Crazy Things Like That’ being one hell of a folk-pop belter. (Written by Freddie McKee, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


QWEHRKE - Good Girl

Denver, United States

There's one thing that has been lacking so far in this week's Top 10, can you guess what it is? That's right, a good lyric video! This type of visual is often overlooked and underestimated but should never be underappreciated! Denver-based Queen 'QWEHRKE' has been a 'Good Girl' indeed and brought us a lyric video that we can all enjoy. This is presented in the form of her photographic and lyrical backdrop.

The lyrics of 'Good Girl' are reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". whilst the artist aims to turn the table on patriarchy whilst persuading listeners to just have fun and dance! The deeper moral of the story is to express your uniqueness in whatever way you choose.



Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Puckett has already achieved so much in her musical career and not forgetting she has already been recognised in Billboard Magazines' “Women of Music’ December 2019 edition. The latest release ‘Tequila’ starts with an impactful drum fill to get the wheels rolling continuing with a steady bounce setting the pace for the song as they softly jam in the background. The acoustic guitar riffs gracefully give the song a soulful sound as well as the slide adding that extra serene sweetness. The vocals hold a powerful yet sincere tone with a fantastic dynamic range that keeps the song full of life combined with lyrics that are just as strong as Tequila! (WRITTEN BY KIRA HUGHES, RANKED BY TAMARA JENNA)


  • BIRDEATSBABY - Illuminate

  • PRYMARY COLOURS - I’m Here Now

  • BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Protocol

  • STELLA PARIS - Electrifying


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