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Updated: Oct 22, 2022


MIKE CONER - Nadie Como Tu

Cucuta, Colombia

Another artist that stands out this week is Mike Coner. The author and performer is a young Colombian-Venezuelan singer who has been working hard to live out his creative visions. MIKE CONER is certainly an artist with huge potential, his dancehall, trap, reggaeton Latin urban offers a narrative for daily human experience, the torments of love as well as the dreams of an entire generation.

The video for Coner's latest release "Nadie como tu" is one that is full of talent and skill. Mike Coner is an artist that is going to take over the world, and I'm proud to be amongst one of those who found him first!


ARIEL ROSE - Tonight Contigo

Miami, United States

Ariel Rose presents an absolute banger of a track named“Tonight Contigo”. The song was produced by Mike Muñoz and Gio Fernandez and brings some spice to this week's finds.

This highly sexy, fun and fresh sound mixes pop, Latin, and trap, with English/Spanish phrases to show the theme of being hesitant to settle down until finding the person who changes things.

The music video, directed by JAROP & EESCO, was filmed in Miami, setting the scene for a super lavish backdrop for Ariel to act as a powerful, and seductive woman with multiple partners. If you're looking for a super hot Camilla Cabello-style track then look no further than here!



Los Angeles, United States

Making it's way in at NUMBER 3 is the freshly released single from GALLOWAYYYS. "PARTY WITH YOU" is the title of the release that addresses drama in many forms, from romance to self destruction this is a song that is destined for those of us who struggle with balance in our lives. The video, is a visual that was filed across Dallas, Manhattan and to add to the drama - a few undisclosed secret locations.

Mosh pits, fight club scenes and streampink art are a few of the scenes to be featured in this amazing visual interpretation of "PARTY WITH YOU".



Nashville, United States

Next in this week's finds is Roxercat, a progressive rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. This mighty group is led by singer/guitarist Price Jones, Nashville guitar legend Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis. Their debut single "Pearls" also offers listeners a visual! The music video for "Pearls" combines snapshots of photos with video footage to tell its story! There's a range of settings within this video from a performance in the woods to brilliant overlays that provide the perfect backdrop to a beautiful vocal performance. The guitar solos aren't too shabby either! So, make sure that you hit play on the video above and show some love!


ROBBIE RAPIDS - Jasmine Girl

Atlanta, GA, United States

Robbie Rapids is back with his fifth release "Jasmine Girl". Robbie Rapids is no stranger to us over at TJPL NEWS, making several appearances in our Weekly Charts over the last year but now he is back with a video release that we couldn't help but include!

Since releasing his first song in Jan. 2022 this is an artist who is rapidly gaining traction. "Jasmine Girl" is about breaking up and tells the story of two opposite people who both want their own way and fail to compromise.

The video for this release sets a gloomy scene full of smoke and flowers, showcasing both the highs and the lows, the beauty and the beast that is love. As always, Robbie Rapids brings his signature guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics.


WANAKA - Another Spoon

Nurit, Israel

Hello! Another Spoon is the second single release from Wanaka's upcoming album (Beneath the Surface - out in December). The Nurit-based artist brings the heat in the form of Indie Rock and Permanent Wave. The song itself sees Wanaka's vocals sing of escapism with a firecracker of an ending. The video is awesome. There's something very childlike yet familiar found within it which comes from claymation but also something quite psychedelic and captivating. The piece paints the image of an artist who is sad and alone in the real world but has discovered a colourful realm blessed with music upon abusing drugs. This hypnotic video is a must-see, a true artistic concept of escapism is showcased here.


NICKY LIPP - One Of These Days

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Nicky Lipp brings some synth pop to our Top 10 videos this week in the form of his freshly released single "One Of These Days".

The song itself is highly upbeat, lifting listeners into the realm of modern-day synth pop with a twist. The video for 'One Of These Days' is gloomy, setting the scene for the lyrical content of the piece. Although the instrumentation is uplifting, the lyrics describe having a bad day, singing a light of contrasting emotions. Nicky Lipp brings a sound that is similar to that of Tom Grennan, impressive right?! The lyrics feature in the video so that we can all sing along! So, if you're up for a sing along let's go!


JOHANNA DADAP - The World's Gone Up In Smoke

Cagayan, Philippines

Filipino Pop Singer Songwriter Johanna Dadap has released a single that addresses the sticky climate associated with the global environmental crisis. The title of this release? "The World's Gone Up In Smoke".

Through this track, Johanna uses her vocals and acoustic guitar skills along with additional instrumentation provided by Paul 'Taffy' White to voice her concerns.

The video uses extremely fitting imagery, all nature based. From the beauty of birds to the branches of green trees, viewers are able to grasp the meaning behind the piece with ease when combined with the smoothness of Dadap's vocals. Make sure that you check this out!



London, United Kingdom

"Easy" is the third offering from East London four piece, Third Party Incidents. The video presents their DIY spirit, filmed at their own guerrilla house party gig in Shoreditch, East London. The video is fresh out today! So, be among one of the first to check out this awesome video!

Third Party Incidents are comprised of singer and guitarist Tom Scholfield, lead guitarist Ganesh Rajaram, bassist Tom Freeman, and drummer Stefan Hale. If these four pieces have done enough to impress you, let us know by voting in the chart below!


MAE M - Destructive Behaviour

Vienna, Austria

The debut release of up-and-coming artist MAE M showcases her excellent lyrical skills, as well as a unique and raw vocal performance, and an overall eccentric style, giving her international appeal. Not quite fitting-in in her local music scene, she has yet to be covered by major outlets, making her a perfect "first find".

Destructive Behaviour is a genre-bending mix of Pop and Electronic Music fused with K-Pop influences. With haunting melodies as well as ground-shaking basses and drums, it catches the listener, quickly making its way to their brain and not letting go. The energetic chorus and easy-to-remember lyrics make it the perfect anthem to scream along to.


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