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VNXA - Red



New York, United States

Credit - Cesar Serrano

R&B blends into dance music seamlessly. It's a profound pairing, one that has given rise to many sounds and songs that are generational classics and will certainly last the test of time. Now, a new name enters the game, but you better not underestimate them. ‘red’ from vnxa is a track that sparks from the meeting of those two powerhouse genres, dance and R&B. Its lively, beat-heavy and full of complex synths and room-filling beats. The vocals are bright, carrying the song up and out of the sluggish tropes of dance and into the vibrant space of new-wave music. It's a tantalising listen and one that you won’t be able to fight the urge to dance to.

‘red’ is everything you love about R&B plus more. vnxa has poured emotion into this track and you can feel it, but they haven’t sacrificed their craft. The sounds are tight, hard and ready for the club. So the club better be ready, because this track is going to kick up a storm.



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