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The Flow

Nurit, Israel

Israeli Folk Rock artist ‘Wanaka’ impressed me with his release ‘The Flow’. Taken from his recently released 10 track debut album, Wanaka relaxes listeners with his soothing string arrangements. From the dream state enhancing melody to the uplifting cinematic bass notes, there’s something for everybody here – could this be everybody’s new guilty pleasure? Believe me, even die hard heavy metal lovers will feel this piece.

The layers are beautifully crafted to weave a web of multi-story silk within the mind of its listeners. The vocals are highlighted in areas by harmonious layers – there isn’t a fault to be had here.

‘The Flow’ is one of those songs that instantly calm its listeners to the state of mindfulness. Whether you need to concentrate, relax or need something to help you sleep at night, ‘The Flow’ is the medicine for all that your soul requires.

Wanaka has created a beautiful well mixed, clean and clear production with nothing but appraisal from me. I highly recommend that you listen to his debut album if you’re a fan of this release, there’s so much more to be heard from this skilful alchemist.

Make sure that you check out the links below to keep up with his journey.



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