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Weekly Top 10 - 15/04/2022 -


MIA MORMINO - Alternate Reality

Los Angeles - United States

Credit - Levi Jawara

We've already introduced this amazing artist in our Number 1 spot Pop Top 10 this week and with an interview s feature this week! Independent singer/songwriter, 'Mia Mormino' starts the new year off with an unapologetic track full of the disassociation she feels come to light when life gets hard. On a personal note, I RELATE X 100. Wrapped in a real vibe of productive elements we can't help but LOVE this track from start to end and on repeat. Opening on an ultimate bad bitch level we know what's going down immediately. The lyrics are catchy and relatable - Had enough of life stressing you out? let go with this track - Who are your alter personalities? I have around 9 and they're all having a party right now. TAKE THE NUMBER 1 SPOT! QUEEN.



Lex Gibbon - All I Do (Is Cry)

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Where do we start when it comes to Lex Gibbon?! Securing the Number 2 spot this week in our Weekly Pop article and blessing us with an interview we had to include her in our Top 10 Weekly Finds too! As well as being a musical artist, Lex was the first curve teen model to walk London, Paris, New York, and LA fashion weeks. Lex is currently on her UK School tour promoting her upcoming single ‘All I Do (Is Cry)’, where she also gives talks on mental health awareness, anti-bullying, and body image- all themes that Lex also champions on her TikTok profile (42.2k Followers). It doesn't stop there! She has seen huge amounts of support from media outlets such as ITV and BBC Introducing and was also involved in a partnership earlier this year with Anne Marie to mark the release of her new book ‘You Deserve Better’. This track sounds a lot like Ciao adios Ann Marie and IDGAF Dua Lipa - VIBES ALL ROUND. Juxtaposed with her last release titled ‘Dear Hater’, ‘All I Do (Is Cry)’ is an introduction to a more vulnerable side to Lex as she describes her experiences with heartbreak. At only 17 years old I've got to say, this young lady has an admirable strong mind and a massive desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Having been badly bullied from a young age, Lex understands how this can impact mental health and the devastating effect it can have on all aspects of life. Through her music she wants to help and inspire others to believe they can achieve anything and hats off to her, she's making moves to do so. On a personal note, as a plus-sized woman who was also bullied from a young age, I can say categorically that this young star has inspired me as well as others. Well done girl, keep glowing.



BEKIM! - Close Your Eyes

Peine, Germany

Bekim! is back with 'Close Your Eyes' and we absolutely felt this track from start to end. A beautiful simplistic piano chord structure meets a classic RnB shaker and smooth soulful vocals. The harmonies enhance that feeling. During his school days, Bekim! was already writing rap lyrics and loved to make bootlegs from cassettes. Immediately after he finished school, he set up a small recording studio and taught himself harmony and how to play the keyboard. That was in 1989. Even then he was producing his first tracks himself. He has worked on countless projects as a composer, songwriter, producer, arranger and engineer. Some more well known projects include 2-BPM, Couche-Tard, KMS, 2 Deep, El Toro and Real 7, to name a few. This track would fit in perfectly alongside Boys II Men on your playlists.



Hanwell - I Won't Let You Down

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hanwell is back with 'I Won’t Let You Down'. This is a chaotic, upbeat, feel-good take on Indie Rock that infuses rock with energetic hip hop drum machines. We were told that "The initial sample sounds like the voices in your head overthinking all your decisions and this perfectly sets up the chaos that pervades throughout the song." Hanwell has been getting a lot of recognition in Birmingham and the surrounding areas with support from some major publications including NME and BBC Introducing. We're massive fans of Hanwell and have been keeping an eye on their movements for a while! Definitely a track for your playlists.



BTAV - Time For U 2 Go

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

BTAV is back with his release 'Time For U 2 Go'. It's an absolute house anthem resembling likeness to some of the old Chainsmokers songs, but more on the side of house. BTAV told us that his "goal is to have the vibe or melody stuck in your head and wanting to hear more." and we definitely felt that. He will be releasing a new single every month, so stay tuned! We've had a listen to some of his previous releases and we love the vibe. BTAV, Keep making great music! Add you lot, add this to your house playlists for a pop-inspired house anthem just in time for the summer!



DULCIE - My Body

Birmingham, United Kingdom

DULCIE made our Top 10 RnB last week with 'Medicate Me' and has now made this week's Top 10 Guitar Riffs with 'My Body'. This track is full of the energy of electro-pop/Rnb and takes funk/disco elements from the inspiration of artists such as Dua Lipa and Doja Cat. Making a statement on the issues many women face, such as objectification and sexual harassment, DULCIE's vision is to not only destroy the stigma surrounding them but empower her female listeners to reclaim their own bodies and sexuality in a feel-good, body-positive way. Keep doing Brum Proud girl.



2AM Ricky - Hues

Atlanta, GA, United States

2AM Ricky's latest single "Hues" is the ultimate track, perfect for any R&B and lovers playlist! After landing #1 on the LGBT Urban Charts for 10 weeks with "Whatchu On", he became the First Black Trans Artist to top any music chart. In a statement, he said, "I wanted to return with a record that my audience could directly relate to." A true 90s RnB style track that we should all vibe along with. Click the link below to show some love and add it to your playlists! Great production, we really enjoyed listening to this one.



POISON OAK - Hope You Like The View

Townsville, Australia

Credit - Dave Chance

Poison Oak is a four piece indie rock band hailing from North Queensland, Townsville. Made up of members Ray Pearson, James Balthes, Chris Reiterer and Russell West. The song explores the themes of choices, and sometimes how someone’s unexpected choices can affect the people they’re close to. A song that further explores Poison Oak use melodic guitar riffs and a continuation in the bands further development in production. With catchy punk rock motif’s, textures that are reminiscent of The Cure and Blink 182. Click the link below to hear it now!



SAMUEL ABRAHAM - Everlasting

Dallas, United States

Credit - Rebecca Photography

Samuel Abraham has made our Top 10 this week with his latest release titled 'Everlasting.' He told us that the inspiration for the song had arisen during his time in Japan in a small town called Hino Shi, just outskirts of Tokyo. Informing us that "Walking around the community and interacting with the locals reminds me of Psalm 90:2.. knowing truly that God is eternal, even before the mountains, hills, creation was born, He was God." This is a prayer song to narrate his perspective on the eternal nature of God. Click the link below to hear some heart-felt lyrics.



Ollie Wade - She

London, United Kingdom

Ollie Wade wanted to do something special for his mother on Mother's day during the pandemic but like many of us, funds have been tight over the last few years. As a result of this, Ollie decided to write this well-thought-out track as a timeless and beautiful gesture. He told us that "The chorus line of the song sums up my message perfectly, ‘In the Simplest way, the thing I want to say is I love you’." Alongside writing the lyrics for this track, he taught himself classical piano during lockdown. This is a beautiful tribute from child to mother. Click the link below to hear this beautiful gesture.



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