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Weekly Top 10 Indie Rock 15/04/2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022




Eric Alexandrakis from Rethymno Greece has released his latest track titled 'My Rainy Day'. Opening with a Twee-sounding melody this track opens with an ultimately catchy vibe. As the track progresses we hear a real catch indie rock-inspired production. Eric has had a number of notable moments so far in his music career. In a caption, we were told that he is a "Grammy-nominated Electromanic who drinks wine with John Malkovich, and was discovered by Duran Duran's John Taylor." We decided to reach out to find out more in an interview with Alex which can be found on our Featured Artist page. Click the link below to stream 'My Rainy Day'



Liam Dutch - Settle Down

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Liam Dutch is back with his latest release 'Settle Down'. The acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter recorded this release at Graham Wann’s studio in Shenzhen, China as a follow up from previous singles “Queen Of England” and “Blame” in fine style. This track is an immediate and endearing indie-rock bop. Settle Down is the first taste of Dutch’s forthcoming debut EP. Make sure you go check it out by clicking the streaming like below or going to the bottom of this page for our Indie-Rock Top 10!



Hook - I want to see you tonight

Dublin, Ireland

'Hook' are back in high spirits with their new release titled ‘I Want To See You Tonight’. Featuring Ailbhe Donohue and directed by frontman Eoin O'Donnell, Hook’s fresh take on classic ‘90s sounds sets them apart from the indie-rock crowd. This track is home to high-octane instrumentation and infectious guitar. Hook's music is a must for all the indie rock lovers out there! We specifically liked the guitar work in this track. Make sure you check them out and keep up to date with their music! Great work guys! The Streaming link is below.



Strandhase - Leichter

Austria, Vienna

Credit - Julia Dragosits

Strandhase are back with their newly released 'Leichter'. The track title came about "because nothing was easier than writing it". Opening with a catchy guitar chord progression we loved the high energy of this track. Similar in production to the early works of The Arctic Monkeys, we couldn't help but love the energy of this song. We were told that "the song captures that feeling when you're freshly in love and everything goes as if by itself. The jaunty and carefree indie rock of the Viennese quartet is as happy-go-lucky as its message, because everything I want and everything I do is easier with you." This song is from the second Strandhase album "Stadtkind", which will be released in early summer 2022 on Problembär Records. Go check it out!



Kingfisher - Molten Gold

Uppsala, Sweeden

Credit - Tomoya Suzuki

'Molten Gold' is a track by a Swedish band named 'Kingfisher'. They described their sound as "varied indie-rock, probably due to our international background. We have a style and a distinct sound, but hard to tell where it belongs to." The band consists of Julian (guitar and vocals) is Colombian, Nich (drums) is Italian, and Affe (bass) is Swedish. Telling us that they "care about the artwork behind the music" it is important for us to highlight the meaning behind it. Telling us that "The covers represent duality therefore there is always two objects: Maybe pinpointing bipolarity, or maybe ying and yang, or what the listener and viewer can interpret." Have a listen to this track, a lot of thought has gone into it!



The Oxford Drive Band - The Long Way Home

Cape Cod, United States

Credit - Marian Godwin

Soft guitar strumming instantly takes you on a wave through the sea of thought. Opening with the lyrics "take the long way, take the long way home" we know that this track is going to take you on a lyrical journey through a story of hard times. The band told us that "we have all been through so much these past couple of years in the world and so with the twists and turns of life we were inspired to write this song and get some of that grief/loss and longing out." This is a track to listen to when you're in your feelings about the loss/grief you may have experienced over the last few years and beyond.



Jone Lindman & Andreas Grannes - Letters

Haugesund, Norway

Opening with a folk-inspired merge of layers in acoustic guitar strumming we're urgently given the narrative for this track. Mixed with the sensual speedy tempo of the guitar picking we're given depth and feeling. This track is made up of Jone Lindman - Guitar, Drums, Bass-guitar, and vocals Andreas Grannes - Vocals. Recorded and produced at Jone Lindman`s studio at home and mastered by Njål Frode Lie we see that it's more than possible to create an industry/radio-ready from the comfort of your own home. Click the link below to hear this beautiful folk-inspired, indie rock/pop track.



MUMBO - Swing My Hip

London, United Kingdom

Opening with a funky layer of guitar and jazz-inspired vocals, UK Alt Rock duo, mUmbo, drop their 2nd single of the year ‘Swing My Hip’. mUmbo explore the permutations of vocals and guitars with a sonic pallette ranging from ethereal, chilled soundscapes to guitar-driven modern blues/rock and EDM. Swing My Hip is a lyrical dance built on a phalanx of electric guitars (Doug MacGowan), beats and chilled, jazz-tinged vocals (Emma Semple). We loved the thought that went behind the layering of this track and the warmth of the vocals so we put it in at Number 8 this week!




Jon Sandman is back with a Reconstruction from an early demo of his track titled 'Maybe'. This song tells us to discard emotional baggage and trust our instincts in love. The rich baritone to ethereal harmonies has the audience captured from an early stage. This track has a real Coldplay 'Parachutes' feel about it through vocal execution and the production elements found in the instrumentalisation. Jon tells a sad but hopeful story, perfect for fans of eclectic indie love songs and chill folk such as Joshua Hyslop, Sufjan Stevens and Daughter. John is also the creative driving force behind alt-rock band 'Pylon Heights' and one half of indie-folk due 'Jon & Abbie' showcasing his love and devotion to music.



DEREK LUTTRELL - Repossess My Education

Nashville, United States

Derek Luttrell is back with his upcoming release titled 'Repossess My Education'. Telling us that he "wrote this song in my flower delivery truck after opening a piece of mail that had my current student loan statement enclosed." he realised that he would be forever buried in debt. This song was the child of those frustrations. 'Repossess My Education' holds the idea that he would "rather be stupid and ignorant than owe money to the system that did its best to take advantage of me when I was young.". Although this track has a depressing take in the form of student debt, the production is something uplifting and is definitely one for your long travels. Definitely listen to this track! Release day is 22/04/22 so make sure that you click the link below to presave!

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