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Updated: Jul 23, 2022




Brisbane, Australia

This sassy track is the latest release from Australian-based alt-pop star WALTA. This track had to be my top pick this week, loved blaring it in my car on full blast. This track does an amazing job of mixing rock guitars and pop vocals. WALTA’s sweet voice sounds gorgeous alongside the distortion-filled production in the backing, it’s a great contrast. Her lyrical ideas about moving on from someone and not being taken for a ‘Sucker’ are relatable to anyone who has felt badly treated in a relationship. The whole thing is made perfectly to ensure it's easily sung (shout) along to. The polished pop production makes this song one to watch and I’m certain it's going to do well numbers-wise.




Berlin, Germany

Credit - (c) sonsounds

5ON5 is a really interesting project, combining four artists from different generations and backgrounds to create fresh pop music. ‘100 LOVESONGS’ is a mellow and laid-back pop track, similar to artists such as Glass Animals. The track kicks off with trap-like high hats and plucked guitar chords. The lyrical idea of writing over 100 love songs and playing the game of love is delivered through a deep yet warm voice, with airy female vocals joining in the chorus- a gorgeous contrast. The song finishes with the main vocalist speaking a few words in German, a personal touch I really enjoyed. The track is overall a great release and I’m excited to see what else 5ON5 come out with. The chilled-out vibe of this track is perfect for a summer drive.



SAER - Sorry

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham-based SAER is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter. Blending elements of experimental pop and electronica he produces captivating and unique music. The introduction to ‘Sorry’ leads you to believe this track is a slow-tempo ballad with a gorgeous blend of vocals and piano. SAERs voice is warm and vulnerable and accompanied by multiple harmonies coming together. SAERs lyrics reflect ideas of starting a relationship again and being sorry for all the mistakes made previously. The track then takes a turn in a dramatic twist. The synth lines and drums bring a new wave of life into the track and the backing vocal takes more of a counter melody role. The main voice becomes full of passion and grit really elevating the storytelling taking place.



Susy K - Heal

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Credit - Anna Carlyle

Scottish singer-songwriter Susy K does a great job of blending many genres together. From neo-soul to dance she creates a unique soulful sound. Her latest release ‘Heal’ is a great combination of jazz and funk elements. Her sassy lyrics describe how actions speak louder than words and how it feels falling for empty promises. The jazz influence is heard in the brass accents while the funky bassline with well-balanced drums is a great backline to her smooth and warm vocals. The backing melodies add to the texture of the track by creating chords to accompany her. The little brass stabs and lines add life to the small gaps in which Susy isn’t singing. I highly recommend you check out this track below.



Robbie Rapids - April's Gonna Rain

Atlanta, GA, United States

Singer and guitar player Robbie Rapids has released his latest track “Aprils Gonna Rain”. The Georgia-based artist describes himself as ‘power pop rock’ and this track is a great example of it. This release is effortlessly cool, from the distorted guitar lines to the funky bassline. Robbie’s gritty and powerful vocal explores the unusual idea of April as a metaphor for a girl and rain being karma. The guitar solo captured my attention with its unique use of effects which created a great tone. The track fades out to a soundscape of a heavy downpour which was sonically a great idea. The track overall is lyrically clever with a well-played and produced accompaniment.



FOLEY - Disappointed

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Zayne Amason

Foley, the stage name for LA-based Nolan Forghani, is an artist who blends his musical talents to create a unique sonic sound. Muted guitar strumming and a reversed reverb sample start off this great track. The whole sound is created by blending distorted rock-like guitar lines with pop-sounding drums. Foley’s harmonised voice explores his concern about potentially disappointing his parents by following his dream career choice in music. The track is driven by a punchy electronic kit and staccato guitar chords. Overall, it has huge potential to really blow up as it does a great job of pushing the message of doing what makes you happy in life. A statement I believe we should all follow.



RICH ANTONY - Don't Look Back

Joliet, United States

Rich Antony is a Joliet-based singer-songwriter who works with many styles of music. His latest release ‘Don’t Look Back’ has such a strong 80s influence, driven by the vocal delivery and the extended effects applied to the synth lines. The piano line adds great melodic interest, while the synth pads help to create an interesting vocal accompaniment to the main melodic theme in the chorus. Lyrically the track discusses powering on through and ‘not looking back’. The positive lyrics work effectively alongside the major backing. The bridge is a great contrast, lyrically as it's really reflective. The break in texture allows the voice to be more vulnerable and open. The track overall is uplifting and empowering, a truly lovely listen.



Jasmine Ash - We'll Sing Again

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Brendan Walter

Jasmine Ash is an LA-based singer-songwriter. Her songs have a sense of warmth and uplifting energy to them and at the same time are immensely catchy. Her latest release ‘We’ll Sing Again’ feels to be an obvious choice to play while the credits of a good movie role. There’s an 80s pop influence in the instrumental which add a sense of excitement. The heavy pounding kick drum pushes the forward momentum. The underlying positive theme is delivered through the major harmonies and chord progression. Jasmine’s vocally sweet voice delivers the idea of better days through optimistic lyrics such as “dancing” and “singing again” together. The light backing vocals combine well with the main melodic line and provide an upbeat sound.



Clifford - Can We Dance to This

Westminster, MD, United States

Breaking through onto the indie music scene Clifford is a composer, producer, and singer-songwriter. His latest release ‘Can We Dance to This’ is a high-energy track lyrically exploring the idea of meeting someone new and looking forward to exploring a future together. Clifford’s rich voice is accompanied by a sharp kick drum and major staccato piano chords. The swung cymbals add a differentiation in rhythm which keeps the track moving forward. The texture grows with the addition of deep low-end synths adding to the already flowing backing. The main line “Can We Dance to This” is a combination of vocal takes combined into a strong delivery of the main lyrical idea. Hear this great track via the link below.



SAVIOR - Liquid Fire

London, United Kingdom

London-based SAVIOR has released their debut single ‘Liquid Fire’. This dance track is full of life and bursts into colour in the chorus. The four-on-the-floor kick is the key dance element heard throughout this track. Some of the vocals have fun and experimental electronic sound to them and are chopped up and used as melodic samples in the chorus. Airy synths and a long reverb on the vocal bridge the verse to the chorus. The chorus grows in texture with a full drum machine kit and the addition of bright-sounding synths. Lyrically the song explores themes of people coming together to shine brighter and ‘put on a show’. If this is his debut, I’m excited to see what SAVIOR comes out with in the future.





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