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KIA - Loose Change

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Kia Knoester

It brings me great pleasure in showcasing more female talent within our Hip-Hop, Rap & R&B feature! KIA, is the name of our latest addition to the chart, an artist originally from The Netherlands but based in Los Angeles. Her latest release entitled “Loose Change” is one that I can't get enough of!

Working alongside JR Jones who provides the rapping on 'Loose Change' only adds extra energy to this super slick R&B-based production. This is a song that discusses infidelity within a relationship on both sides of the coin in a call-and-response lyrical direction. These two stars have created a flawless piece here! Smooth, easy to follow and a story well told.



Silverton, United States

Credit - ctc

Making their way into Number 2 this week is 'Chance The Closer' with his latest release 'KAN YE WE ST'. The song is a commentary on the artists' beliefs surrounding the media and how they can turn on and vilify anyone and then flip back without hesitation.

I LOVE the cinematic darkness within the opening and the distorted vocals. The trap beats along with twee-sounding basslines bring the track to life where the lyrics fade out. From trap beats to dubstep this artist has mastered the art of cross-genre seamlessness.

The Oregon bass(ed) former actor, author and sales superstar turned all-genre producer is a talent to look out for! Transitioning between genres from pop to dubstep, house to trap, and electronica to rock, Chance the Closer is a talent that you can't afford to miss.


BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Double Or Nothin

Brooklyn, United States

Coming in at Number 3 this week is the one and only Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L with the first feature of two, 'Double or Nothin'. Full of flavour with a heavy autotuned vocal, Breyon S.Y.N.D.E.L showcases exactly why he's a regular appearance over at TJPL NEWS. Along with a catchy lyrical performance, this artist uses trap percussion and almost vocal chop-sounding bell synths to lead listeners through a lofi meets trap production. Excellent work yet again from the rapper! If the heavily autotuned vocals of 'Future' excite you then look no further than Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L to put a fresh spin on a similar sound!


BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Protocol

Brooklyn, United States

It wouldn't be right to move on to the next artist without highlighting this next release from 'Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L' as it impressed me almost as much as his song 'Double Or Nothing'. 'Protocol' has made it into our Top 10 Videos this week too! The song addresses drinking at nighttime and the issues that come with the pleasure.

The production rides on the back of flute synths, scattered trap beats and slow 'Drake' style vocals. I love the contrast between the vocal performance of both tracks presented this week. I always love hearing more from this artist!

"Walk with me around New York. Ill sing about drinking too much as we go to the studio." - Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L



Salt Lake City, United States

Credit - Khoriantor, Leon Clayton

Who's ready for a mix of some Latin and English lyrical content? 'Moksha' is a piece that will leave you in your feels due to its slick hip-hop boom baps and rap content. This latest release from Khorianator features Macrodee and Poetic Justis all of whom offer their own spin on their artistry to make an impactful song that will leave listeners hungry for more. This is a song that addresses leaving toxic relationships and leaving bad friendships in the past as you find your optimism for the future. Khoriantor and Poetic Justis deliver a juxtaposed powerful vocal performance that transcends the barriers of language. The track is deeply moving and full of lyricism that is not only easy to remember but it's also super saucy. If you're looking for some new heat for your Hip-Hop playlist then this will make the cherry on the cake!


PHOENIX ROSE - The Thing About Love

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Owen Vincent

London-based artist, 'Phoenix Rose' soars in with a firecracker of a piece this week. 'The Thing About Love' was released only last Friday but has already made its way into the hearts of many worldwide.

The lyrics of the piece address what the artist describes as "the love story of life" whether that be platonic, metaphysical or beyond. Holding onto a darker twist, the song also touches upon the fear that many of us have of the concept of love in itself. The composition of the song borders on a laid-back stripped-back balance between pop and soulful R&B through a classic 90s style percussion and a laid back vocal performance. The vocal performance is so reminiscent of stripped back 90s R&B with minimal need for massive production.



Richmond, VA, United States

Credit - Credit - Curtis Corneilius Charity

If there's one thing that I truly love it is music that is born out of the darkness. Those types of songs where an artist exorcises their demons in order to feel free (even if it is sometimes only during the process of creating them). This is something that Richmond-based, multigenre talent 'Curtis Charity' AKA 'Cin the Ciege' has managed to pursue through his latest release 'Craving'.

The mix of house, pop, trip-hop and rap brings the concept of darkness to life in a way that integrates a distorted situation into a creative distortion of its own. I think that there's a lot that we can all learn from his honest and unique creativity!


RECKLESS - I Apologise But NOT Really

London, United Kingdom

Credit - D’andre Elizah

London-based rap artist 'Reckless' is back with a brand new track entitled 'I apologise but NOT really'. The song was released on 31st October and is a collection of metaphors describing different feelings of pain, guilt, confidence and anger. It touches on subjects like mistreatment in relationships and hypocrisy within religious communities. Reckless takes you on a journey as she is her most vulnerable and authentic self unapologetically. Be sure to check it out! I can't wait to hear what's new on the horizon for the star! If 'Reckless' is your favourite this week then make sure that we know it by voting in our poll below!



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luqo and Netto come together for the start of a production that boasts many new sensations, from elements of the experimental to a strong Electro Drum and Soul influence and alternative R&B.

Luqo delivers a vibe that knows the project and the versatility of Netto's voice,

bringing a sensual impact by telling the story in Spanish that Netto had already been working with Viex in English.

In this instalment "At the moment" goes hand in hand with blues, chill and lounge with and the mixture that it attracts. It is not enough to listen to the lyrics without feeling the beat. Check it out below!



London, United Kingdom

Concluding our Top 10 finds this week is Emma Salisbury with her release 'Speechless'. The soothing vocals of this star undulate over a punchy beat in an ethereal yet assertive manner, professing an attitude of independence that requests respect. The track surprises listeners with a beat change halfway through, keeping her audience on their toes as she questions the morals of the subject and suggests therapy, taking back her power.

This is a seriously saucy track that will suit your chill vibe playlists so get adding it now!

What do you think of our Top 10? Let us know by voting for your favourite in the poll below and don't forget to come back next week Saturday for the results! That's all now for another week but until then, get these songs heard!


  • KIA - Loose Change


  • BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Double Or Nothin

  • BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L - Protocol


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